Saturday, October 10, 2009

Religion and science can coexist. TV says so.

Does anyone watch Bones? I was just thinking recently about the one guy who is a devout Muslim. He faked his accent because he thought if his team saw him as some fresh off the boat Muslim that it would be easier for them to accept his devotion to his faith while being a scientist, which pretty much contradicts each other. But I guess it brings up that whole system of scientific and religious beliefs that you believe one or the other and the two can't live together harmoniously. Well, for this character they did. And personally, I believe they can too. There's that whole school of thought on evolution and creationism and everything in between. I guess if you believe what you believe and it makes sense to you, then go with what works. On that note, if you believe in a God, and you believe in science, or you believe in a God or you believe in science, whatever works and makes you happy should be all that matters. The end.


Jennifer said...

I absolutely believe they can coexist. My own opinion is that God is a smart, scientific guy who often uses scientific means to bring about his ends. The more I learn about the world (scientific or academic) the stronger my belief in some amazing supreme being.

DasBoogs said...

That's sorta the route they took on the show and it makes sense.