Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Return of Halloween Fun

Halloween is always fun except when you're pregnant or have and infant. So was the story of my last 2 years in Reno. This year Charlie was old enough to actually have fun, as were allowing us to have fun.

Pumpkin Patches
When I was pregnant, we went to one to get a pumpkin. The pumpkin patch sucked terribly and the pumpkins were all over priced. I didn't take pictures.

When Charlie was born, we went. It was cold and he was cold. We took a few pictures. It was cute. He was starting to grab things but he was too little to really enjoy it.

This year, Charlie was all over the place. He was exploring the pumpkin fields, petting animals, trying to climb onto the tractor. You could tell he was totally fascinated with this new strange dirty land with lots of pumpkins of all sizes.

Halloween Events
When I was pregnant, all fun was out of the question. No drinking and I'm not gonna put on a costume and go out if I'm not gonna drink or just feel frumpy. No fun at all.

When Charlie was born, I was still not able to drink and he was too little and still eating every 2 - 3 hours so going out was also out of the question. My body was back to a state of fitting costumes, but somewhere between waking up at night ever 2 - 3 hours to feed Charlie, I didn't have it in me to even think about wanting to go out.

This year, we did things. I took Charlie and Lulu to the Petco Howl-o-ween costume contest. We won 2nd place.

Then the night before Halloween, Jesse and I went out. Katrina came out and it was all kinds of fun. We drank. We had an awesome time. We dressed up like zombies. I saw Throw Rag. The show was awesome.Drinks were cheap. The people were cheap. It was completely inappropriate, sometimes annoying, sometimes hilarious, and always entertaining.

Halloween Night
When I was pregnant, I didn't do anything other than sit at home and eat a bowl full of candy I bought for trick or treaters. We didn't get any at all.

When Charlie was born, I did the same thing, only this year, I knew we wouldn't get any so I didn't buy as much candy.

This year, we carved pumpkins and went out trick or treating with some of Charlie's friends. It was fun. Charlie loved trick or treating so much. He walked around the neighborhood with me holding my hand. I held his bucket. He would get so excited to go from house to house that he would giggle and run from one house to the next. I totally joined him in his giggly adventures. It was just adorable. His squeals of delight and giggles of excitement combined with his ah-ah-ah-ah bumping vocal sound he'd create when he ran; just too cute.

Anyway, this whole Halloween was just so much fun. From playing in pumpkin patches, to drinking zombies, to trick or treating. Did I mention my neighborhood gives out killer awesome candy? See, I never knew we had so many kids when I lived upstairs in an apartment. Yeah, no. We have lots of kids and lots of homes that do Halloween like decorated all crazy and chocolate yumminess. I'm just a tired as heck happy camper tonight.

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