Friday, October 2, 2009

Tactical shooting practice and a good day

Today was probably the best day I've had in a very long time. It started out very carefully planned. I made Charlie breakfast and we both sat at the table eating eggs and toast with a glass of OJ. That was awesome. Then, I changed Charlie's diaper and around 10:30 gathered some ammo and the Bersa and headed out to go shooting. This required very careful planning because I wanted to shoot while Charlie took his nap with his little earmuffs watching me shoot. He was looking a little drowsy so I put him in the car, got some gas, and drove to our secret shooting spot. By the time I got on the freeway, Charlie was zonked out. Anyway, he slept nicely the whole time I was shooting. So about the shooting. it was pretty cool. I only got to shoot 100 rounds but I practiced more tactical stuff like shooting at different distances, different hands, laying down, stuff like that.

I discovered some really interesting things. 1. Shooting laying down is hard. But I did ok. 2. I can't do things with my left hand very well, but I can shoot one handed with my left hand relatively well. 3. I trust my shooting abilities enough to place my camera directly next to my target on auto-timer so I can get video footage of my shooting an object. For the record, the video was shot using American Eagle .380 95 grain bullets at 15 feet with my Bersa Thunder .380. Not that anyone cares, but if you do, that's the deal. My groupings were within a 2" radius. I think one might have been over 2" but for averaging out sake, we'll keep it at 2".

After that, I just kinda unloaded all over the board and destroyed it.

Sadly, 100 rounds of ammo goes really fast. I don't think I was out there for more than 10 or 15 minutes tops. It seems sad to drive out there to leave only 15 minutes later but this is again more proof we need to get the reloading bench set up and I need to start loading .380 because dammit, this was so easy and such a pick-me-up, I could easily see myself going out once a week to pop a few rounds off. I like shooting alone better, too, for what it's worth, because you don't hafta wait on others, but I do enjoy company...

After shooting, I came home and cleaned my gun, then Chrissy took me out to lunch and we went to BJ's and shared a pizza that was awesome. And we had to have a weird brownie desert thing too. It was her thank you to me for taking her to and from her lasik and watching her till her babysitter got to her house to watch her last night. Anyway, today, when Jesse comes home and asks me how my day was, instead of grumping, I can tell him it was AWESOME! Because it was...

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