Thursday, October 8, 2009

Trouble Shooting: Where's My Gun?

I suppose this title is more than appropriate for so many reasons today.

First off, let's talk guns. Like for real, guns. My friend Chrissy went out shooting with us recently and I think since she's been hanging out with me in general has showed a little bit more of an interest in getting a gun. I think it was partially the whole us taking her out to shoot with Phil one time. Then seeing Zombieland. And seeing a S&W with pink grips at Jesse's work. Anyway, we went to Scheels (Tangent: Appalachian Grammar Disaster mispronunciations from locals include "Schills" as in one-schilling, "Shields" as in shield from danger, "Shells" as in she sells sea shells by the sea shore, "Shales" as in, well, I don't know, maybe something a yuppie would name their kid?) because Chrissy needed to get some snowboarding gear. We spent a ridiculously long time there and wandered to their hunting department. Chrissy looked at a lot of revolvers because she's interested in getting one. I can say that when I started shooting I was very much into revolvers for the same reasons and my taste in guns has greatly evolved into a completely different area so I am enthusiastic to see where Chrissy's shooting tastes will lead her one day. Anyway, she felt pretty happy with her Scheels shopping experience. After that, we went to Bizarre Guns because she wanted to go there. She was not happy with their service. Personally, I always like Bizarre and the old guy that works there is alright in my mind. I told him I had buyer's remorse with my Bersa and he looked shocked because when I originally went in last November or whatever it was wanting to get a PPK but not having the money and he suggested the Bersa, he told me how no one has ever returned them. When I told him my remorse was that I didn't go with the hi-capacity version, he chuckled and said he'll hafta remember that. And apparently, the new .380 Sig P238 is selling like hotcakes because after the one time I saw it at Sportsmans, every gun shop in town has sold out of them. Wowzas! Anyway, at the end of the day, Chrissy never bought anything and is still leaning towards revolvers. I told her we need to go out shooting some more so she can really get a feel for what is comfortable for her or take an intro to handguns class.

When I got home, I had to do some trouble shooting on some web work and quite honestly, if there was a gun to solve that problem, I'd be in a happy place. I went back to tinkering with some template fixes from what I'd like to call the template bastard from hell. He was a total tool. Seriously template, I get you're totally set on looking one way, but is it too much to cooperate with me when I ask a mild favor of you? You'd think I was asking the thing to perform some horrendous feat. No way, just simple stuff. Look pretty. Do your thing. Eventually, after an evening of slapping it around like a cheap hooker, I got him to do his work. I find web work goes a lot smoother when you take it with a sense of humor. Now if only I could get him to like that damned animation, then I'd be a happy camper. Oh well. I did enough trouble shooting for tonight.

Anyway, that's my grand adventure for this evening. My car's registration is due. I find it amazing I've had that thing almost a year now. I find it ass that I need to get it smogged again. We also need to order oil for our heater and our landlord set up a maintenance of our furnace for us. They have a 2 week delay on heating but I'm not really worried because it's cold but tolerable still. It's gonna cost a few hundred to get all that situated. Grumble grumble. I'm not complaining too much, though, because we have a really awesome landlady. Sucks she got screwed over by the property management company she was partnered with. Oh well.

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