Saturday, October 24, 2009

Us vs. Them mentality

You all know I'm a very pro-gun person, but I'm starting to see the world more through a different light. No, I'm not gonna advocate gun laws. Just personal responsibility. You see, I've been hearing a lot of pro-gun stories lately that make me cringe and think how they're not good examples of gun users to the world. One was an obvious hoax, which was a Craigslist urban legend of a person who was robbed at knife-point and pulled his 1911 out on his attacker, then took his attacker's belongings and spent all the money, made phone calls to the FBI threatening the president and sex lines, etc. Then there was a story of an old lady who conceal carried and shot an attempted robber and her son said they were lucky she shot the guy because she's a horrible shot. A lot of pro-gun people look at tales of these sorts and cheer hooray for the gun owners. I look at them and fear Nancy Pelosi thinking about how she can take these tales and create some sort of bill to take away our gun rights because of "irresponsible gun owners" or something like that. I guess the line between pro-gun people has a divide that I never knew about that is like pro-gun vs. responsible pro-gun? I can't think of any way to describe it completely at the time being as it's 5:30 am on a Saturday. Perhaps it's just the more you look at things from the politician's standpoint and know your enemies, it's not enough to just be a Yosemite Sam gun-toting happy go lucky shooter anymore. It's more of a scowling upon those who own guns yet never shoot them because you wonder why bother having a gun for protection if you're not sure how it works or question your ability to hit your target when you do use it. Or feeling angry when you see someone write about how it wasn't enough to save their life in an attack, they also felt compelled to punish their attacker. I guess any responsible gun owner who has certifiably passed their CCW courses would know that stories like the aforementioned are not pro-gun at all but rather hinder our rights when seen through the eyes of liberals looking for any excuse to take that right away. My point being: even within our own world of gun-owners and pro-gun enthusiasts, there is still that us vs. them mentality.

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