Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weird mail fall harvest

Today I got a box in the mail from my parents and I was so excited because I was certain it was my old Little Red Riding Hood cape. Instead, it was a box of 3 eggplants. OK, I joked a while back about how much I missed having eggplant because it was so good last time I had any and my mom literally sent it up. But Charlie, oh Charlie, he woke up from his nap and saw his eggplants and was reunited with is old love. He loves eggplants. Literally. He smiled so big when he saw it, took it from my hand and gave it a hug. It was really weird. But hilarious.

Anyway, tonight I decided was a good time to make some eggplant. Why not, right? I also made some home made pasta sauce with my tomatoes from my cheater tomato plant and boy was that some good stuff! Real good stuff! Everything was made from scratch from stuff grown by me and my mom. Minus the noodles. But it was so good. Charlie just had 2 pieces of eggplant. Jesse had one. I ate the rest. So I guess we can say I ate a whole eggplant, which doesn't surprise me. I have a knack for eating entire fruits/veggies without any issues. It was awesome. I'm thinking about it still. Ahhh good stuff...

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