Saturday, October 17, 2009

What do raccoons, zombies and dumb kids have in common?

All of them have potential to get shot.

Last night Jesse and I went to see Zombieland. I saw it opening night with Chrissy and told him he had to see it because it was awesome and has a lot of things he loves in it; mindless violence, slow motion of mindless violence, and decent metal. We decided to walk downtown to see it. On our way over, we saw this adorable raccoon in front of an office building that looked like a house. He was just staring at us like, "hey guys, what's up?" He scratched himself and went back to doing whatever it was he was doing. At first I thought he was a kitty but then realized that those weren't tabby stripes on his tail. It was cool. When we got to the theater, much to my dismay, the theater guide online had linked up the wrong theater to the one downtown so the show times were all off. We walked around downtown to try and see if we could find another theater near by. On our way under 4th street between Sierra and Virginia between the El Dorado and Silver Legacy, some dumb kids in a mini van decided it would be a great idea to drive up behind us and scream really loud. It echoed because of the tunnel effect created by the two joining buildings. We got spooked and they were laughing at us. Jesse and I shook it off and discussed amongst ourselves how they're gonna do that to the wrong person one day and how stupid kids are. Then we realize they were dumber than we thought. They got a red light. Suddenly our harassers were stuck at a stand still while we were on foot, closely approaching their car. It was payback time. I crept up to their minivan, passenger side, and whacked the door, behind the view of the window. Everyone in that car screamed and jumped so far they almost hit their heads on the roof. My hand hurt and I think there may be a dent in the door. They then saw it was us and started to cheer us that we were "cool" and totally "played" back with their game. In actuality, I think they were halfway between freaked out and ready to crap their pants. Them cheering us on was their lame attempt at saving face and not looking so spooked to everyone. Lesson learned to the young kids who have to explain to mom how they got a dent or mark or whatever on the passenger side door of the minivan: don't try to act like a hard ass on 4th street, especially if you have a red light. You never know who is going to negatively react to your shenanigans. We scared them. They're lucky it was us and not some nut jobs with guns... But in the end, I think we all got a good laugh out of it. Jesse and I discussed how funny it was with how spooked they were. Good times.

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