Monday, October 5, 2009

Work for the week

So I have this agenda to sew as many purses as I can for the gun show at the end of the month. There's 1 of 2 scenarios involved. Scenario 1: I for out the $100 necessary to get a table at the show. Scenario 2: I fork over $100 to Dave for one of his tables. I'm not sure how all will go but I think if I try to get a table and they're full, I'll just ask if I can take one of theirs. Anyway, I've really been striving to create merchandise. My dream of all dreams would be to get a coat or two made but, being realistic, I doubt that will happen. Maybe if I buckle down I can crochet some cute vests since those seem to be really in-style right now. I wonder if I could configure a one-size-fits-most type thing? Anyway, yeah, at this point, I'd say I have 2 holster pouches and 3 completed purses. Technically it's 4, but I sorta decided to keep the first purse I made, which was the Lulu purse. I'll probably make another one but not sure if I'll do that today, tomorrow or some other time. Ho hum... time to eat...

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