Saturday, November 7, 2009

Art Immitating Life

One of our friends told us that my lawn mower reminded him of Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. I told him I hadn't seen that movie yet and when I finally did watch it, I couldn't help but draw so many parallels between a fictional movie and my life. I don't have the perfect house. I don't have the perfect lawn. I rent, but even though I rent, it is my house and how people who do not know me personally know of me. I am the person who decorated their house for the holidays. I am the person who tries to keep my place clean and orderly. I am someone who would make a good neighbor. This is beneficial to me because it assures that all the houses that are being foreclosed in our neighborhood get bought out by good families or investors who care about their tenants and don't just get any random tweakers or scumbags in that will bring down the neighborhood. Today, I was doing my usual yard work. Mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, watered, stuff like that. I had a Gran Torino moment when I got to the driveway. We have these weeds that grow in between the cracks of the cement and I pull what I can and clip what I can't. As I got further up the driveway, I found myself clipping weeds that were growing over in the yard next door onto our property and it just frustrated me because I don't understand how it is someone can live in a home and not pull weeds. These weeds are gross because they're all tall and itchy and the parts that don't itch have tiny little thorns. It just baffles me as to why some people are just so lazy and apathetic to the existence of their yards that they don't take care of things of the sort. It almost makes me wish that home owner associations existed outside of apartment, condo, townhouse and planned communities and in regular residential areas. Oh well. It sucks, but what can you do other than scowl, mutter to yourself about the scum next door not caring about their home and hope you never hafta go outside with a rifle and tell someone to get off your lawn. ::Insert awkward chuckle here::

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