Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby Showers

My friend Raena is having her baby shower tomorrow. Recently when I was rearranging my photo albums I was looking over the pictures from my shower. My sis totally did an awesome job throwing it, but she usually kicks ass at whatever she does even if no one acknowledges her efforts. I totally don't regret waiting to hear from our insurance company if they can snip snip me and Tuesday is the big day I'll know whether or not it's doable. Woo! It sucks that Katrina, Elizabeth, and Alissa weren't at my baby shower and it sucks that Raena and Allyssa couldn't make it. But oh well, past is past. I hope Raena has a good time tomorrow and I wish I could have gone down. Ho hum. It's probably better I didn't because I have a cold and being sick sucks. I should totally go to Truckee Meadows Herbs and see if they have any new fun teas.

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