Friday, November 20, 2009

Big Trouble In Little Reno

Today we had the adventure of going to the ER. This story actually starts last night. Jesse got home from a crappy hectic day at work. Then he had to remove some slugs that were lodged in a barrel of a gun. Then he cleaned the shotgun and cleaned up his mess.

This morning was super windy. I saw that the wind knocked the table in my backyard over and into my old veggie garden. Chairs were all over the back yard. I fixed that and put the chairs back. It was such a crazy morning. About an hour later, I went to look in the fridge to see what I could make for lunch. I was glad to see my table was still standing on the patio. As I was going into the fridge, Grubby Little Fingers comes into the laundry room. He was puttering about with Lulu and I told them to back up so I could get into the fridge. As I look in the freezer to see if there's anything else, I hear puttering around my feet and then screaming bloody murder. I figure Charlie is just being a butt from growing or something as he's been doing lately and do a double take and realize that he has some sort of liquid on his face. I was thinking maybe something in the freezer dripped on him and the cold spooked him. Then I see it. An open container dripping cleaning oil in Charlie's hand.

Without thinking, I run him into the kitchen and run some warm water and try to rinse the majority of whatever is on him off his face and hands. He's screaming at me and hating life so I book it to the shower and dump him in there and strip his clothes and mine simultaneously while rinsing him. I hold him under the shower and pour cups of water over his face. He's pretty angry now and his crying has gone from scared to mad. He now is trying to bat the water away from him and I'm wondering if it irritates him more or if it's been taken care of [rinsing the oil out] and he's fine and just annoyed by me now. I dry him off and watch how he is to see if his eyes are watery or red or if he has any burn or rash marks. He looks fine with the exception of his eyes which are all puffy and red but he's also rubbing at them. He's also trying to watch tv too and tries to wriggle out of the towel and off my lap so he can go to the tv. At this point, I'm thinking whatever happened isn't too bad, but it's probably a good idea to take him in to get looked at. So I have to take him to the ER.

Just as I'm leaving, I see Jesse and tell him briefly what happened and leave. When we get to the ER, Charlie is pretty much back to his happy troublesome self. I see the triage nurse and they check Charlie out and all is fine but they admit us relatively quickly because I have a toddler with "acute chemical exposure". They make it sound worse than it is. And of course I feel like everyone is looking at me like it's worse than it is because of the circumstances that it's not bad enough that it's a cleaning oil but that it's a gun oil. An oil that usually is in a secured place and only got left out because of a stressful day and was so small and tiny that no one noticed it was forgotten to be put back. Of course Charlie is totally happy and trying to steal the medical equipment and break things. I guess my son was my only redeeming factor in the sense he was right in front of two adults and still trying to get in trouble.

So we get to a room and Charlie thinks he's on vacation or something at a resort spa. He's getting all this attention from strangers, food, milk, snacks, juice, tv, a bed. He has no clue what's going on and is just giggling and smiling and trying to break things and grab everything in sight. Anyway, after a thorough check up and list of chemicals in the oil, they say Charlie is ok. Even when he got in they said he seemed ok and asked if he was vomiting or anything weird and he wasn't. I said because I have no sense of smell I have no idea how much stuff he got into plus I rinsed him off right away and to be honest, I wasn't in the mood to play guessing games as to did he eat anything, did he not? This was one of those circumstances where I figured I'd rather go to the doctors and not need to than not go to the doctors and things get progressively worse.

In the end, we went home and all is well and Charlie tried to go back to the laundry room to play and I could have strangled him! My lesson learned today: my son is part goat. Charlie's lesson: get into things you're not supposed to and you get to go to the spa resort vacation place where everyone tickles you and says how cute you are and brings you food and snacks; and that being pampered is hard work and you gotta take a nap.

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