Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last decade and what this year has in store...

One of my friends posted about things she did in the last decade and I love that idea so here goes. In the last decade, I:

- Graduated high school
- Went to college
- Said goodbye to my high school job and entered the world of careers
- Worked at 3 different companies doing graphic design type stuff
- Worked at one company doing administrative stuff
- Volunteered at an aquarium
- Freelanced
- Painted on Friday nights in a restaurant for entertainment
- Sold lots of things I've made
- Dated a shmuck for 5 years
- Met some great people
- Met my awesome husband
- Got married to my husband and have been with him (date time and married time) for almost four years
- Lost a wonderful dog to cancer
- Bought a wonderful dog from Craigslist
- Almost lost my dad to cancer
- Had a child
- Weighed 200 lbs (thanks to pregnancy)
- Lost 45 lbs in 6 months (thanks to having a baby)
- Realized as long as I never weigh 200 lbs again I will be content with my weight
- Realized I can live with stretch marks and I could care less about all of them striping my skin when I wear a bikini
- Realize that significant loss of bladder functionality is worse than stretch marks or weight gain
- Never experienced more pain in my life than when I was pregnant
- Moved out of the house I grew up in and lived in one apartment and one rental home
- Bought a truck and gave it to my dad
- Financed a Jeep that was new and always having recalls and never working right and turned it in
- Still owe money on it (grr) because the price it was sold for was way less than what my loan was
- Lived without a car for a year and a half
- Walked anywhere I needed to go within a 3 mile radius
- Bought a 1976 Oldsmobile for $500 and it's been the most dependable car I've had yet
- Went through two sewing machines
- Baked more pies than I can remember
- Won two state fair apple pie contests
- Visited some really amazing places that aren't the typical dream vacation getaways
- Traveled to a handful of ghost towns
- Dyed my hair shades of red, orange, pink, yellow, blue but not green or purple and I have no idea why I haven't
- Went to a water park for the first time and had a LOT of fun
- Learned to shoot and clean guns
- Bought several guns
- Took a CCW course that changed the way I will forever look at life and think about personal safety as well as safety for those around me
- Got myself into a debt bind when I was fresh out of high school
- Took almost 9 years to get my debts paid down significantly
- Will never want to have unnecessary credit cards or debts again; pay for things in cash or don't get them at all
- Learned of the Mayan Calendar and got all freaked out that the end of the world would be coming until I learned that the end of their calendar is like the end of ours and it'll just be the start of a new cycle.

On that note, let's get some resolutions!
- Cut back on soda to no more than 1 can (12 oz) a day
- Pay off more debts
- Finish book and publish it live
- Maybe try to lose a little more weight or at least tone or get healthier
- Try to go for a walk at least twice a week
- Go to church more often or more regularly
- Get Charlie baptized

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Jennifer said...

What a wonderful idea! ;) Sounds like a great decade.