Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life Goals & Death Wishes (2009 Year-End Edition)

Life Goals (in no particular order)
Items in bold have been done.

1. Travel outside of the US somewhere.
2. Own a home.
3. Be completely debt free.
4. Be a scout leader/assistant leader.
5. Publish a novel/collection of short stories.
6. Show art in a public venue.
7. Own a car that isn't falling apart or needing repairs constantly.
8. Visit Stingray City.
9. Go camping in the woods.
10. Catch a really big fish.
11. Live for a brief period in the Southwest.
12. Visit New Mexico.
13. Visit Arizona.
14. Visit Texas
15. Get Married.
16. Have a child.
17. Bake an award winning pie.
18. Shoot my own turkey for Thanksgiving.
19. Contemplate life from a mountain top.
20. Hug a cactus.
21. Buy a gun.
22. Own an old car.
23. Play in snow.
24. Visit Maine.
25. Visit Salem, MA.
26. Go to a ghost town.

Death Wishes (In no particular order)

All of my belongings are to go to my husband, Jesse. If he is not alive, then they will go to my son, Charles. If they are not alive, then it will be left to be distributed evenly amongst family and let them deal with it. This goes for any property I may own and finances. I wish to be cremated and kept in an urn with my husband and son. If my husband or son is dead and buried, I wish to be buried by them. I do not want an open casket funeral. I would like a Catholic mass funeral with cremation or burial depending on situations.

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The Undertaker said...

let me know if you need help with the arrangements for your funeral. I commend you for communicating your wishes. The life goals is a great list and quite adventurous! life is short, you better start today. :)