Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Last night it started snowing a little. I woke up to see more of the dreaded white stuff outside. I feel like it's been around forever. I mean, it fell December 6th and has lingered around for a month. Just as it starts to melt, new snow shows up. I can't remember there being this much prolonged snow since we moved to Reno. I'm indifferent, I guess. Sometimes I love it, other times I hate it.

I got my proof for Coyote back yesterday. I spent most of the night going over it and I think I'll have it edited and ready to make changes by the end of the week. Something like that. It looks nice.

I realized yesterday that I've been on a PC for far too long. It's weird getting back into using Mac shortcut keys but it happens. It just weird. I've also realized how much I find Quark annoying. I mean, I never liked it after InDesign came out but I especially don't like it anymore. The strange thing is this town seems to be married to it. I remember RPA used to use it like back in the day when I started working there, but they probably also transitioned to InDesign quickly after because I can't really see any practical use for Quark in the world anymore after Adobe developed a better product. It's not completely obsolete, it functions, but InDesign does so much more. Plus all the shortcut keys for Quark are totally different from InDesigns. Blah. Oh well, right? It'll just take me a day or two to readjust.

Last night I made a meatloaf. It was really good and I'm glad I did that because it's cold! It's still cold. I swear I feel like I can't get warm enough sometimes! On that note, I'm going to get ready for work.

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