Friday, December 25, 2009

The most annoying toy EVER!!!

My sister has this criteria whenever she looks for toys for Charlie. They need to be really loud and obnoxious and if they are fuzzy, light up, or do anything crazy, even better. So for Christmas, she gets him this car. It's green and looks like a souped up Honda or something and plays that 90's dance song you all ready for this da-da-da duh-duh duh-duh. You know, the one that always plays at like every sporting event known to man? Anyway, he was obsessed with it long before he opened it because the package made music when I went to put it up and we were all like, "Um... what the---???" So last night, we let him open it first. Big mistake. He could care less about anything that followed. Mr. Potatohead sucked. Pet dinosaur sucked. Tool bench was ok. Plex keytar was cool. And you can forget about clothes and books because those made no sounds at all. Last night we had to hide it from him just to get to sleep. This morning, he found it. Jesse was watching tv on the couch and we hear "you all ready for this? da-da-da duh-duh duh-duh" and Jesse just mutters some cursing and asks, "How'd he find that!?" I guess he is drawn to it somehow and can find it anywhere. Who knows. Anyway, it gets on my nerve. I think Jesse absolutely hates it and if it weren't for the fact Charlie loves it so much, would probably bury it deep in the back yard or shoot it.

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