Sunday, December 13, 2009


Complaints against the world.

1. I hate how everyone claims to be some sort of specialist. You got the wine geeks, the art geeks, you go to Best Buy and they have the phone specialists. Really? I mean, they're like TMCC drop outs that work there! You're telling me they know everything there is to know about cell phones? If I were to bring in a 1984 Zak Morris cell phone, they'd be able to configure it to a blue tooth device so I can talk and drive at the same time?

2. Don't get me started on cell phone etiquette. People need to learn to break free of the electronic leash once in a while. It's pretty bad when they need to announce before a movie or before church to turn your phones off. Of course, I totally made the mistake of thinking I turned my phone off once and had it go off during an Ash Wednesday mass when Jesse called. My ring tone was a Judas Priest song. But yea, it's just rude to not be able to distinguish when it's appropriate to use your phone or not. I mean, if you're out with one person, there's no need to text someone else the whole time.

3. So many people have this totally diluted sense of self importance. They totally feel the need to constantly tell the world what they're doing. None of your 700 Facebook care that you just bought a beer or that you're gonna go to the can (guilty as charged!) Really, they don't care. But I guess this all just goes back to people trying to make themselves more important than they really are and somehow they're a specialist of some sort of bs thing. People can never just do something, they have to be part of a movement.

I give up. The world is totally screwed.

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MsVennie said...

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone has a complete conversation on their phone in public, filled with curse words "WHAT GIRL? That mutherfucker did WHAT?" and I'm thinking, what happened to manners and respect? Our world has changed, hasn't it?