Thursday, December 3, 2009

Short Stories

I enjoy writing but I'm by no means a writer. Fortunately, thanks to places like, people who enjoy little things can take those things to make a bigger thing. Basically the site is a self-publishing site. I've always taken an interest in writing short stories. It's something I've done for as long as I could remember and I feel like maybe it's a good idea to do something with them. So what exactly do I write about? Well, a lot of random stuff. However I notice I tend to draw fascination with characters who are a little quirky. Butchers. Hit men. Waitresses. Housewives. Vigilantes. I like introverts who struggle with who they are as people and their place in society. I like the moment they find someone who is so different yet so similar to them. I like twisted relationships that don't quite make sense yet make perfect sense. I love child like grown ups and sophisticated children. I like bad guys who have a heart and conscience and good guys who realize they are capable of doing evil and feel ok with it. I love people who go out and get revenge on others simply because they hold a grudge. I like people who realize they are more resourceful when placed in predicaments that force them to be creative. I also like people whose stories connect indirectly. Anyway, I think whatever I may have to offer might be fun for some of you out there. Probably more geared towards chicks, but most people I know who read a lot are chicks, so there you go!

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