Sunday, January 31, 2010

Old TV Shows

Jesse used to watch this show, Emergency!, when he was a kid. I guess he watched reruns of it because it aired in the beginning to mid 70's. We've been watching it on NetFlix lately because they have all the seasons available. I gotta admit, I have become seriously addicted to that show. It's awesome. Some of the stuff they have on there, you could never get away with today! The way they belittle people and all the sexism and assumptions of people being on drugs simply because of how they look! It's hilarious! The clothes are awesome, the hair is awesome, the cars are awesome. Some of the male actors wear visible make up (not like facial powder to fix complexions, I'm talking full on eye shadow!) It's the best show ever. If I could ever turn into a TV character and be dumped into any show, Emergency! would definitely be it! And I don't care what anyone says, Fireman Paramedic Roy DeSoto is my boy! I don't care if people think his hair looks goofy, between his always right, semi-smart ass nice guy thing and that gap in his teeth, he's just irresistible! Don't get me wrong, Fireman Paramedic John Gage is an alright guy, too, but his playboy chasing the girl antics just don't cut it for me. Nurse Dixie McCall is awesome how she puts everyone in their place. Dr. Kelly needs to cut off the make up and do something about his swanky leisure boy wardrobe because wearing eye shadow, plaid pants, striped shirts and paisley ties ought to be illegal for all men, period. Fireman Chet Kelly has a mustache that's out of control and it's great. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check this show out because it is awesome! Here's a few random screen shots...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Random

Today was interesting in a less-dramatic-than-yesterday kinda way. It started out this morning when Vicky from Women's Shooting Academy came over to interview Jesse for her site on why it's important to have a gunsmith and what they do. It pretty much strikes me as a blatant advertising for Jesse's services, but also makes a valid point in terms of maintenance, malfunctions and why it's good to have a gun in tip top shape, constantly ready for action. She called last night to touch base and we kinda got to talking about some ideas. For starters, I've been wanting to be a shooting instructor for quite a while now. Pretty much since I've taught my cousin and a few friends how to shoot. I love getting people into the shooting sports and would love to do it for others out here. She got me in touch with an NRA training councilor who teaches classes so I emailed him and I'm just waiting to hear back on when, where, and how much his classes are and if I can come up with the money to do that. Hopefully I can and if I'm lucky I can help out with WSA. That'd be pretty sweet. I love everything about them and it'd be cool to be part of it. The other thing we spoke of was a women's shooting club. I know lots of ladies out here want to shoot but don't want to go alone. She has a list and I told her I don't mind taking on the task of organizing the club. I think first things first do the certification and then organize the club. Basically I'd like to have shooting outings with groups of women who can socialize, shoot, maybe have a potluck once a year to raise money, do a monthly clean up day where we go out to shooting spots with rakes and trash bags and clean up spots so BLM can't bitch about shooters. Do some community stuff and fundraisers. Just so people can see that shooters aren't all tactical men but are women too. I'd also like to do seasonal shooting competitions with pistols and rifles. Basically stuff the men do that women are sometimes afraid to sign up to do. I'd even get little trophies made heh. Anyway, I think we need to have a lunch date one day to go more into this. I think I'd like to take it more the recreation route, but at the same time still promote the defense route. Anyway, tangents aside, after Vicky left, I went fishing, had no luck and decided to come home. It was really beautiful so I left the door open to get some fresh air in the house. I watched Emergency! with the dogs and ate lunch, then went to change the flat on my bike since weather permitted. I got the tire changed and felt pretty snappy since it was the back tire and I've never been showed how to change a flat and deal with the chain and all that crap. I think it needs some WD40 though because it's looking a little rusty. I got to the gas station and put air in it and it was fine, but then out of nowhere, I guess it wasn't sitting properly because the tire popped out of place, so it was back to the gas station. The first time there, a nice guy gave me some change because I was a nickle short. But the next time, I didn't have any change and I wasn't about to walk home, so I had to go to an ATM at Ryan's and pull out a $20 because the ATM at the gas station wasn't working and they don't give cash back. Pull out $20 just to get $0.75! I felt like John Gage! In the end, I got it all fixed and came home, put Charlie's seat back on and got an email from one of our friends we haven't heard from in a long time along with class dates/prices for the pistol certification courses. Now to figure out how to muster up $265 before the end of February...

Mudmobile Emergency!

Yesterday I decided to go out shooting. I headed to Derby Dam and for whatever unknown reason, every little pocket to shoot at was full! I had no idea why there were so many people out shooting on a Wednesday at 1:00 in the afternoon, but there were. I decided to head out to our little spot closer to town. I hopped back on the freeway and got off, making a turn to head up to the mountains. I was a little hesitant at first, thinking the roads might be too muddy for my Oldsmobile to get up, but much to my surprise, they weren't. I went to turn into the pocket to shoot and it looked different. Reason being, it was the wrong spot, so I turned around and headed back to the road and realized I was stuck. I got out and saw my tires were under about 6" of mud. I tried to put some cardboard under them for some traction and in doing so made my front tires go down even further. So I put some stuff under the front tires too. Nothing was grabbing so I tried to put some towels under the rear tires to get some traction on the cardboard. That didn't work. I tried some little pebbles for traction and even that didn't work.

I realized my car was now deeper in the mud, so I got down on my knees and dug the mud away and even tried to make a ram in front of the tires so it could ease it's way out.

Didn't work. My hands got all cut up from throwing out slippery rocks and the squishy wet-clay like mud with tiny shards of pebbles that felt like broken glass.

After about an hour of trying to get out, I finally gave up and figured even MacGuyver has a bad day. I called Jesse and he called me a tow truck. It was supposed to be there in forty five minutes but it took closer to two hours. The guy who came and got me was named Hank. I was surprised because he was a rather attractive tow truck driver, on the level of DeSoto and Gage from Emergency! and not the creepy scuzzy type I'm used to. I had to help him get the car out. He was telling me how nasty that mud is because it's so hard to get out of. I guess he got his truck stuck in it before and it took him nearly three hours to get out. Fortunately it took us plus the tow truck two minutes. In the end, I was glad Hank made it out there ok. Jenny's safety tip for going out in nature: always have good landmarks. When there's no road signs or streets, you gotta have good landmarks. That was the only way Hank found me. Also, just because a road looks like it's nice and sturdy, doesn't mean it is. It's probably a bad idea to go out driving in mud without 4-wheel drive after it rains and snows pretty heavy.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Act of Beagle

Ever since Charlie was born, we were thinking of getting another dog so Lulu could have a friend or at least get a break from Charlie. The idea kinda went on and off for a while with a few potential pug purchases that went nowhere because the owners would call us back and then we'd never hear back from them again. Anyway, when Jesse was at SHOT Show this week, I was browsing Craigslist in the pets section and saw a 3 year old beagle needing a home that was great with kids and other dogs. It had a photo and I figured I'd call. I know Jesse wanted a beagle. After a little bit of talking and a visit with Charlie and Lulu this morning, I came home with an AKC certified beagle who was originally named Desert River Tracker by his breeder, Elijah by the person I got him from, and we are calling him Toby after the beagle Tobey in Used Cars. The deal with Toby is he's 3 years old, up to date on all shots, neutered, house broken and crate trained. He was pretty hyper when I met him but he's got really mellow since coming home with us. He's real mild mannered and Lulu gets a little aggressive around food with him, so I feed them separately. I gave both dogs baths, brushed teeth, and trimmed toenails today. So Toby kinda fell in line with Lulu in some ways. He has been with two prior owners and I am his third (breeder, the people in Fernley and now us.) The family got him for their daughter who is 10 and wasn't taking care of him so they kinda took over. The guy has to move to Reno for work and they can't have two dogs at their new place so they're keeping their old dog they've had for 10 years. They gave the beagle away for free to a good home, that's us. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Anyway, everyone is getting along nicely here so here's some pictures of the new family member and the rest of the family.

Friday Night Random

I hate how facebook limits your status posts to 420 characters. That's just lame. I guess that's what blogs are for, right?

These last few weeks have been pretty hectic. Jesse prepping to go to Shot Show and actually being at Shot Show this week. Me being on my own at work. I'm just happy to say it is Friday and I can rest.

My car needs some serious heat work. Jesse should call and get quotes on that before the winter is over. It's hard to see sometimes with the defroster not working. I can deal with the car having no heater because I am pretty good with the cold weather. Having a baby totally threw off my body's ability to handle hot and cold and I guess I just run hot now.

Really quickly, on that note, I hate when women complain about stretchmarks and how having a child ruined their body in that sense. I have stretch marks and to be honest, I could care less. I hate that I run hot now. I hate that I get heart burn whenever I eat chocolate, Hamburger Helper, anything with tomatoes, and a lot of other foods when I never used to get heartburn. I hate that I can't eat certain things after 6 or I'll get heartburn so bad I wake up at night just to take some Tums. I hate that my bladder went from being made of latex to made of steel. Once it's full, it's full and if I don't empty it, it will over flow. I feel like so much of my time is devoted to bathroom breaks. It sucks. I hate that my boobs sag, even though there isn't really anything there to sag (and apparently lactation consultants say that this has nothing to do with breastfeeding but just pregnancy in general as boob changes are part of natural pregnancy growth/development on the mom's behalf, so to anyone who has never had kids or is planning, invest in a VERY good support bra now!) I hate how my periods are all crazy. They always were but are just weirder now. Like I'll get it every 20-something days and only spot or have a light flow for a few hours, go a day or two with nothing and spot or light flow. This will happen for 3 months, and then 3 months will pass with no periods at all. Maybe it's the Mirena IUD, I dunno. I'm just gonna blame it on child birth. As much as I'm not a fan of the hair loss, I think I can tolerate it. But yeah, stretch marks, last thing on my mind I worry about. OH, and I still have occasional pain in my back and pelvis, and sometimes I need to sleep with a pillow between my legs or under them because my child destroyed my bone structure thanks to lounging in a breach position for 9 f'ing months.

End tangent. So Jesse was gone this week and I really missed him a lot. But at the same time it was really nice to have the house quiet. There's just so much hustle and bustle when he's home. The TV is on. He's playing a game online or he's watching stuff on youtube and on the phone or has the internet radio on or something. It's like there's always a million things going at once. This week, the TV was on occasionally, and that was when Charlie and I would sit down and watch a show together and he would fall asleep. We had dinner at the table every night as usual. Some nights it was just fast food because I had to work late and wasn't up to cooking a huge meal or anything. Every morning, I got up and left the house with Charlie dressed, the beds fixed, and I would come home to a clean house. It was nice. I ate a bowl of cereal every morning and leftover dinner or sandwiches for lunch and somehow I managed to lose 5 lbs. I don't know what that's all about, but possibly due to the fact I haven't had much soda this week. I'm convinced I drink way more soda when Jesse is home. But as nice as it was to have peace and quiet, I miss my husband a lot. I will sleep a lot better with him by my side tonight. I'm glad he had a wonderful time at Shot Show and I think I'm just as excited to see all the goodies he got as he was to get them.

In the end, I am truly lucky to have Jesse as a husband. He is the most wonderful man alive. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him or get all giddy and happy when he calls or when he comes home from work. Life can become routine and mundane, but my love for my husband hasn't grown dull. It still sparkles like it's brand new. Yeah, we're technically still newlyweds, but look how many people date for a year or two and break up or get divorced because a person they married who they thought would be one way just totally changes. I'm glad Jesse is who he is and has been as supportive and steady and not some jerk. I occasionally watched Teen Mom and saw this guy and girl and the girl wasn't working and her Baby Daddy said she had to get a job and she's like, "What? You want me to raise our baby AND work?" like it was some sort of shock to her. Seriously, there's so many families that depend on dual incomes in order to make ends meet. As nice as it would be to be a full time stay at home mom, if you can't afford to do so, don't expect your Baby Daddy to pick up the slack for you in addition to their child. As a Baby Daddy, his sole responsibility is to take care of his child, not his Baby Mama. She was just some lazy obese teen sloth. I can't understand how a girl that young gets to be obese, but whatever.

Oh, I'm a huge fan of my vitamins! I love them! I will say that in the almost month I've been taking them, I have not got sick even though Jesse went through one flu and one head cold, and Charlie went through two head colds. I bypassed it all. Hooray! I'm curious to see how the probiotics will work out. It's a women's formula designed with live cultures specifically for women who get yeast infections a lot. I'm excited about that. I just hope it also has the same effect other probiotics had for me in the sense it helped my metabolism and kept me regular too! Har har.

Anyway, Jesse's flight should be coming in soon. I can't wait! I miss my husband!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today was a million times better than yesterday. No kidding. Got a lot done and feel totally happy and accomplished. Will go in tomorrow feeling the same and won't let any sparks turn into fires.

I'm super excited because I finally got around to ordering some vitamins from my work! They give us a multivitamin so I got a multi mineral and a probiotic for women designed specially for people with yeast issues (me!) and I'm super excited about seeing how that works out. I'm looking forward to it very much!

I got a call today from Jesse that there was a major power outage at Charlie's school. It was around 3ish and I couldn't really do anything about it. I told Jesse to try and call some people we know and see if they could do anything. Unfortunately no one was reachable so I had to leave early. I might as well have just stayed till 5 with how early it was but whatever.

When I got Charlie, he was happy and missing a shoe. Funny. Apparently he got some purple marker or something on his sock too. Weirdo. We ran to the store to get a few things we needed afterward and Charlie was so upset at the store. I don't know why. I gave him an eggplant and he calmed down for a little bit. Oh, speaking of the store, when we got there, we parked next to a white Ford Explorer that looks like my mom's car. Charlie got all excited and was like, "Oooh!" and trying to get inside of it. I was like, "Yeah, that's not grandma's car. Sorry, Charlie."

Anyway, in the end, we had eggplant parmesagne for dinner after an interesting day. I love eggplant. Charlie loves eggplant, although he must have tanked up on lunch at school or the banana he stole before dinner because he didn't eat too much of his meal. Oh well. He did greatly enjoy what he did eat. So did I.

The end.

Tomorrow I'll be better...

Today was like a rehash of Friday in which there just wasn't enough time in the day. It sucked royally because I totally felt like I was on top of everything until I got back from lunch and realized I wasn't. I'm just frustrated right now because I feel like I've been busting my butt only to find every time I turn around something else comes up. Just as I get organized a little wind comes and kicks up my leaf pile. I keep saying tomorrow I will do better, I'll keep up on it tomorrow. But then I just feel like tomorrow will be worse than today. That's not the right attitude to have right now. Jesse is on his way to Vegas. Charlie is crying. It's snowing. I just saw a nail gun that looks like an AR on the Women's Shooting Academy blog/newsletter. I wish I were a shooting instructor on their team. They're awesome.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Random: Happy Birthday Northridge Earthquake

What do you remember?

I don't remember much, partially because I spend so much time carefully planning my next steps that I forget about the past. I find it more important to structuralize the future than to dwell on the past. Few things gleam in my mind so vividly as if they were only yesterday. 16 years ago today, at 4:31 in the morning, an earthquake hit and shook up the valley.

The night before we were at Loves for my mom's birthday. She had ribs. My dad, sister and I got the buffet court. I remember they had the best lunch buffet because they had deli meats and you could make these sandwiches. I remember drinking iced tea out of Mason jars. They were doing drinks in jars long before anyone else was. They had these fish tanks in the back section that made no sense considering it was a BBQ restaurant for the most part. When we got home, we went to bed as it was late. My dad was getting ready to go fishing the next morning. He was going to go to Sespe Creek out in Ojai. We used to go fishing there every weekend as kids if we weren't going to Lake Piru. He had his fishing gear in the kitchen on the floor in front of the sink. He was always notorious for over packing when it came to fishing. He still does it today, in addition to over complicating his rigging set ups. He used to keep his keys and wallet in his mail man cap in the hall way closet in front of our room on the second shelf from the top. He had all sorts of random things in that closet, as did we. It was kind of like the home for lost soul items that had no place or belonging anywhere else in the house. The closet door was open as he was going back and forth from the stretch of house from garage, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom.

No one saw it coming. It came out of nowhere and hit like a freight train into a brick wall. The ground exploded into a vicious jolt, zig zagging up and down from north to south. I only remember this because the head of my bed faced the east and it was like being rocked in a cradle by a hand working ever so violently to have you thrown out. The earth rumbled so loudly, we couldn't hear the sounds of glass shattering or doors knocking into walls. All that was heard was growling of an angry earth. The shaking felt like it lasted forever and started to lull down to a dulled rolling before quickly changing it's mind and going back to a momentary violent jolt or two and then back to the rolling. By that point, the rumbling sounds were gone and all that was left were car alarms, jingling of fan pull-chords and the world was left in the dark.

My parents ran to get us out of our room. We were trapped by the mess of three shelves of nick-knacks that broke at the foot of our doorway and the contents of the closet outside of it in the hallway. It only took my parents a matter of seconds to force all the clutter back into the closet with one hefty shove on the door to clear way to our room. At that point, we all made our way to the front porch and made sure everyone was alright. In all honesty, there's a weird period between getting out of our room and the time we got into the car that I don't remember. For instance, I don't know if I had clothes or shoes on and I don't remember getting a jacket or anything like that, but I remember driving around in our station wagon to my grandparent's house a mile away to check up on them. I don't remember ever getting out of the car, but I might have. They were ok and their house wasn't too badly damaged as they lived further from the epicenter than we did.

I remember driving a few blocks around the valley and seeing a busted gas line right next to a busted fire hydrant. Streams of flames and water shot into the air side by side as if fighting for who got to be the center of attention raining down what looked like raindrops with flaming tails. There was then a period I forgot, maybe we fell asleep in the back of the car, or in our seats, I don't remember. I remember the sun coming up that day and having never wanted to see daylight so badly in my life as the temporary blindness from the several downed power lines made the streets feel eerier than usual. I do remember how I had never seen so many stars in my lifetime, ever, than after the blackouts. It was like the earthquake had lifted the earth closer to the Heavens so for one moment we could stop our hustle and bustle of daily life to realize we were still nothing more than fragile creatures at God's will and he had the power to destroy us just as he created us. At the same time, huge clouds of dust rose from the ground making it harder to see anything and creating a fake fog effect.

Later in the day, the aftershocks continued. People chose to show their dark sides instead of brotherly good nature and looted for milk and water instead of helping others find their way out of their homes or make sure pets were ok. There were several dogs and cats dead in the road, hit by cars. Not too far from our house was a Kaiser building that must have been ten or thirteen stories that had lost it's entire west wall that cascaded like a waterfall of bricks and glass down onto the street. The second story of an apartment building flattened to the first floor, killing the people who lived in the units below. I remember standing outside during several aftershocks being able to see the ground around me rolling under my feet. I feared trees would be thrown out of the ground but then someone went over why it wouldn't happen. I still question it, though. It seemed like days had gone by with that feeling of getting off a boat where the world was constantly moving below me. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't.

Our house got a yellow tag and we were a few violations short of having to be evicted to the Tent City at Reseda Park. Fortunately, they were minor repairs that we were able to get most of them taken care of that day, and later in the week and a few more long term as they were costlier. Fortunately, we did get some FEMA money to help with that. In the end, the entire contents of our kitchen cabinets; food, dishes, cooking supplies and sorts, were broken on the kitchen floor. The big ceramic pot of a hanging plant in the kitchen broke onto the floor leaving a plant hanging for dear life in the macrame hanger spilling dirt onto the broken shards of pot below. Our water heater broke. Our piano broke. My mom's hutch cupboard fell over and most of the nick-knacks broke. Ceiling fans were hanging from wires and support bars designed specifically for earthquake safety as they detached from the ceilings. Surprisingly, there were a lot of things that didn't break. We did lose a few windows and our block wall in the back yard came tumbling down.

Most people weren't working for days after as aftershocks almost as big as the original would strike at random. Of course the surprising thing was how many parents brought their kids to my mom's daycare the Monday directly after the earthquake. We didn't go back to school for at least a week. I remember in my English class, my teacher, Mrs. Minster, was talking about post traumatic stress and how some of us might have it and if we needed to talk to talk and as if cued by some sort of ironic twist of fate, an aftershock hit right in the middle of her speech.

Every year I always look back nostalgically at the earthquake, not in the sense I long to experience it again, but in the sense I can say I lived through a natural disaster. We lived about a mile away from the epicenter. We were hit pretty hard. Not as hard as those who lived closer to it, but we did get hit pretty hard. It was a few days before we had simple things like electricity and gas and I know I was afraid of sleeping in my room for a while. I still will sleep with a blanket over me to this day, even in summer, for fear that if there is an earthquake, I will have something to protect me from whatever falls from above. It seems like it was only yesterday, but in fact, it was 16 years ago. How did it get so far away? Why do I remember it so well? Happy birthday, Northridge Quake. Did anyone ever decide the true magnitude of it? Does anyone remember the cheezy swap meet "I Survived The Northridge Quake" shirts that popped up within days after the quake? Part of me wants one now...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random AM

Jesse was sick as a dog puking and what not like two days ago. I'm feeling a little queasy now. Although I think mine has something more to do with my rank morning breath than it does a potential cold. I've been taking the multivitamin from work every day since they gave them to us and I'm not a vitamin person, but I gotta say, I'm pretty convinced they're why I haven't gotten sick. They're also why I get a slight upset stomach in the morning if I don't have a piece of food with them. But that only happened once. Plus it says on the bottle to take with food. But yeah, I gotta say, I've become a huge fan of their stuff. Jesse goes to Shot Show next week. I gotta take Charlie to daycare one extra day. I thought it would be two but it's not so woo hoo. I realized I have no baby or kid pictures of me because my mom has them all. Oh well. Its supposed to rain more which I'm ok with, I just don't want any super cold weather, like snow. At least not till my heater is fixed on my car. Speaking of heat, it seems like in the real cold weather our oil goes super fast. What's that all about? I need to order more checks soon and I'm feeling like getting some Lulu checks again. I really liked the Unique products checks. They're $20 and you can customize them. Its the same price as ordering new non-fancy checks from the bank only you get 50 less checks and in my mind, that's still a deal. Speaking of Lulu, how about this new blog background? Isn't she just the cutest? I totally had to do it. Anyway, time to get ready for work...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Random

It seems like far too long since I've updated the world or blogged or anything so here goes:

I'm kinda working again. It's a temp thing but can turn into a permanent thing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays permanent. I like it. The place is really nice, the people are nice and it's super busy all the time. Hopefully that's a sign that there is potential for permanence?

On that note, Charlie is in daycare. When I was going back to work when he was born, I was originally going to put him in a home daycare. But then I realized the more I interviewed home providers, the more I realized they had all these crazy schedules like they'd want 2 weeks off and take off on this holiday and that holiday and finally I said, screw it, you're going to a daycare center. I found a really cute Kindercare that Charlie goes to Wednesday through Friday every week. He's home with me on weekends and home with Jesse Monday and Tuesday. He was kinda iffy at first when he started going but he's been going for two weeks now and is adapting. He made some really neat paintings, he loves to play with the fire truck and dump truck, and well, he's made some friends. It's all good.

Last week I had a major CS3 problem. Basically it did some ridiculous crash thing and I couldn't reinstall. I thought maybe the serial was bad or the disc was bad or something was bad. Turns out you hafta deactivate it before you reinstall. So if it crashes on you and you can't deactivate it, then you need to delete some file and all is good again. Anyway, after a week of troubleshooting, I finally resolved my issue and feel totally satisfied that I got it fixed and didn't hafta waste $30 or more on a computer tech. So, my history of seeing computer techs is still at a 0. I believe all can be resolved with Google.

Friday night I had dinner with Sam and Ana from Jesse's work. We went to Rapscallions. I have always wanted to go there since we moved and it is just a lovely little place with even lovelier food. We had an awesome waiter and the food was fantastic. I also cannot eat clams without totally spilling on myself. Oh well. After that, Sam had to go home and Ana and I met up with her friend who was having boy problems. We started at Silverpeak but then decided to go to Divine because they had free drinks. It was anything but Divine. They were playing really bad 90's dance music. It wasn't like the fun 90's dance music, but the lame stuff. I was waiting for the dj to bust out Men In Black or something. After that, we went to West 2nd St. for karaoke. There was a really disasterous family behind us. When I say family, I kid you not. There was this weird late 20's early 30's something gothesque chick who looked kinda like Snow White but all trashed with a raspy voice and she was tone deaf. Then, she was there with her father. Yeah, because my idea of getting trashed on a Friday night involves drinking with my parents. Maybe if they were designated drivers or something, but no, dad was just as drunk as his daughter. He was going on about all sorts of weirdness like how she's leaving or something and they hafta party, I dunno. I think he was trying to work his way into our booth that really was meant for two people but we had squeezed in 3. There was some white and nerdy guy who sang Baby Got Back. His name was Scotty and he sang "Dial 1-900-Mix-Some-Scott, and kick them nasty thoughts, baby got back..." I was like, "Yeah, no." Did I mention there was this Amazonian black chick who looked like Lafawnda from Napoleon Dynamite there booty dancing with drunk Snow White's dad? Because there was. It was horrible excellence. After we could only tolerate so much of that, Ana's friend left and we went to Se7en to try and put an end to the night. We made a quick stop at West St. Wine Bar. I felt like I walked into Sideways. It was awesome. Wine geeks! I definitely see a future there. Plus it's quite. I don't really like loud bars all the time. Especially at the end of a night.

Saturday I got a sweet deal on a digital camera. I had great help from one of their employees. He helped me find a great camera at a decent price and also honored my sale coupon on top of it all. Basically, out the door, I wound up getting 45% off on the camera. I wrote a letter to their corporate offices commending the employees outstanding service. I believe good service deserves to be rewarded, or at least acknowledged. Because I saved so much, I bought Charlie a dresser for his bedroom. Now he has more room for activities *snort*. His room looks more like a big man room.

Sunday was Sunday. We went to hunt for some summer clothes today. Carters and Oshkosh were having sales so we went to look at what they had to offer. I got Charlie 3 t-shirts and 4 pairs of shorts. That should tide him over for a while. After that, we had lunch at Scheels and walked around the store to look at the animal displays and fish and ferris wheel. Then it was time to go home. Charlie decided it was a good idea to walk back to the car, so I let him walk ahead of me around the plaza at Legends and he played in there for a while around the rock fountain. He discovered he could walk up and down stairs by himself, standing, by holding onto the handles. That totally changed everything and he loved this new weird freedom of being able to stand and walk up and down stairs without holding Mom-mom's hand. He strutted around the plaza and then cried when I went to take him home. Then we ran into Ana, who was out shopping with her family.

Anyway, the weekend is over. Off to work tomorrow. Jesse and Charlie are going shooting tomorrow. I bought Jesse a box of .40 S&W as a random surprise since he's going shooting. And even if he doesn't use it, he has another box and wasn't expecting it and I like to make him happy like that. He did buy me strawberries the other night, so, I think we're even. On that note, I leave some pictures of Charlie in his awesome vest from Auntie Lori. Jesse and I both agree that it is quite possibly the best thing she's ever got for Charlie, let alone the best thing anyone has got him.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Separation of Church & State (and some movie reviews too!)

Some people believe that church and state should be separate. I suppose in a way that could be a metaphor, in this case, in which it's sometimes better to keep your personal life out of your professional life. I decided to finally switch my personal blog here, ding!, to be personal and over the next few weeks will trudge through years of files to figure out what belongs on the professional portfolio site.

So on a completely unrelated note, I want to take a moment to talk about some movies. For starters, I think Pineapple Express was a horrible movie. I tried to watch it, I really did. I think I was even excited to see it when I Netflixed it. Another Appatow film with his usual suspects. I have enjoyed his past works and despite Katrina's feelings, I enjoy Seth Rogen. But dude, Pineapple Express was horrible! It was like the worst movie ever. It had like a moment or two but I just didn't like watching it. There were all these lowest common denominator lame pot smoking jokes and it just wasn't funny, or watchable for that matter. I'm a drug free person and it was just annoying. It's like someone who tries to push their views on you in an annoying manner. So I give it thumbs down unless you're a complete retard or love pot and you'll probably enjoy it. And this is coming from someone who is easily amused.

Along those same lines, Funny People. Has anyone even seen that movie? Were they being ironic calling it Funny People because I didn't think it was funny at all. I liked it, I won't go out and buy it or anything. I'll probably watch it again if it comes on cable, but it was really depressing. It just puts a lot in perspective about Hollywood and the "industry" and how people who are famous can be real big assholes even to the people they love. I'm kinda used to seeing Adam Sandler play assholes like in a comedic situation, you know, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore. But dude, he wasn't being a funny asshole, he was a very unfunny comedian who doesn't even write his own jokes and he was just a mean asshole who had no friends. It was hard to watch. Then you got Seth Rogen, who isn't very funny and is supposed to be the nice guy out of everything but he winds up screwing over his best friend and I dunno. I think the only thing funny in that movie was Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman because I their characters in the movie were very natural and believable and I'm guessing because they're actually like their characters in real life. Jason a cocky pseudo celebrity, and Jonah a genuinely funny and nice dork who is doing ok because of rich parents. But then you get the weird love story with Leslie Mann and part of you wants her and Adam Sandler to patch things up and get back together because he really loves her and she hates her new husband and then it just turns out he goes back to being a dick and she won't leave her husband because he's the father of her kids. Dude, if my husband was cheating on me, it doesn't make a difference if he's my kid's dad or not, he's out. I dunno, I felt kinda uncomfortable watching it. I'm wanting to laugh and I do at times because it does have some funny parts, but for the most part, its just depressing and you can't feel bad for a dying asshole except for when he finally repents and then it comes out it was just in vain? I felt betrayed!

I think Appatow needs to stop experimenting and stick with his crude humor shtick because it works. Pot jokes get old. Awkward virgins never get old to me. I love Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg, who seem to be typecasted as awkward virgins. By the way, how f'd up must it be as an actor to have your agents always hand you a script, "Dude, you're perfect for this one. The director specifically asked for you. The role is as an awkward virgin."

Can we do a quick awkward virgin count here:

Michael - Juno (1), Superbad (1), Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist (1) and for shits and giggles, we'll throw in Arrested Development (111111111). I don't know his entire catalog of work but 4 roles as awkward virgins? Wow.

Jesse - Adventureland (1), Zombieland (1), 2 right there for him and what the hell is with being in name-of-movie-land movies that just so happen to wind up at shitty amusement parks? Double wow.

Come to think of it, I think when Adventureland came out, Jesse and I sneered at the trailer thinking, "Great, a wannabe Superbad with a wannabe Michael Cera." Turns out it's not that bad of a movie (if you can look past Kristen Stewart's inability to act. Give me a second, I'll get to her.) Lots of weird parallels to how Jesse feels about work, particularly with crappy pay and having to hear the same bad songs all day long. Bill Hader never lets me down, either. That creepy mustache and short shorts. Love when he comes out of the office with the bat, "GIMME A REASON!!! GIMME ONE FUCKING REASON!!!!" Hahahah. Classic awkward cocky neurotic Hader character.

Kristen Stewart. Riiiiiiight. Does she ever play anything that doesn't require getting loaded before each set to pull off the perfect glazed over stare and complete apathy and vacancy of emotions? Seriously, her acting sucks. She must s a lot of d to get a lot of jobs or something. She needs to get in a car accident or plane wreck or something. Here we thought Liv Tyler's acting sucked. Turns out there's a new sucky actress in town and it'll be hard to outsuck Ms. Stewart.