Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today was a million times better than yesterday. No kidding. Got a lot done and feel totally happy and accomplished. Will go in tomorrow feeling the same and won't let any sparks turn into fires.

I'm super excited because I finally got around to ordering some vitamins from my work! They give us a multivitamin so I got a multi mineral and a probiotic for women designed specially for people with yeast issues (me!) and I'm super excited about seeing how that works out. I'm looking forward to it very much!

I got a call today from Jesse that there was a major power outage at Charlie's school. It was around 3ish and I couldn't really do anything about it. I told Jesse to try and call some people we know and see if they could do anything. Unfortunately no one was reachable so I had to leave early. I might as well have just stayed till 5 with how early it was but whatever.

When I got Charlie, he was happy and missing a shoe. Funny. Apparently he got some purple marker or something on his sock too. Weirdo. We ran to the store to get a few things we needed afterward and Charlie was so upset at the store. I don't know why. I gave him an eggplant and he calmed down for a little bit. Oh, speaking of the store, when we got there, we parked next to a white Ford Explorer that looks like my mom's car. Charlie got all excited and was like, "Oooh!" and trying to get inside of it. I was like, "Yeah, that's not grandma's car. Sorry, Charlie."

Anyway, in the end, we had eggplant parmesagne for dinner after an interesting day. I love eggplant. Charlie loves eggplant, although he must have tanked up on lunch at school or the banana he stole before dinner because he didn't eat too much of his meal. Oh well. He did greatly enjoy what he did eat. So did I.

The end.

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