Sunday, January 31, 2010

Old TV Shows

Jesse used to watch this show, Emergency!, when he was a kid. I guess he watched reruns of it because it aired in the beginning to mid 70's. We've been watching it on NetFlix lately because they have all the seasons available. I gotta admit, I have become seriously addicted to that show. It's awesome. Some of the stuff they have on there, you could never get away with today! The way they belittle people and all the sexism and assumptions of people being on drugs simply because of how they look! It's hilarious! The clothes are awesome, the hair is awesome, the cars are awesome. Some of the male actors wear visible make up (not like facial powder to fix complexions, I'm talking full on eye shadow!) It's the best show ever. If I could ever turn into a TV character and be dumped into any show, Emergency! would definitely be it! And I don't care what anyone says, Fireman Paramedic Roy DeSoto is my boy! I don't care if people think his hair looks goofy, between his always right, semi-smart ass nice guy thing and that gap in his teeth, he's just irresistible! Don't get me wrong, Fireman Paramedic John Gage is an alright guy, too, but his playboy chasing the girl antics just don't cut it for me. Nurse Dixie McCall is awesome how she puts everyone in their place. Dr. Kelly needs to cut off the make up and do something about his swanky leisure boy wardrobe because wearing eye shadow, plaid pants, striped shirts and paisley ties ought to be illegal for all men, period. Fireman Chet Kelly has a mustache that's out of control and it's great. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check this show out because it is awesome! Here's a few random screen shots...

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