Saturday, January 23, 2010

Random Act of Beagle

Ever since Charlie was born, we were thinking of getting another dog so Lulu could have a friend or at least get a break from Charlie. The idea kinda went on and off for a while with a few potential pug purchases that went nowhere because the owners would call us back and then we'd never hear back from them again. Anyway, when Jesse was at SHOT Show this week, I was browsing Craigslist in the pets section and saw a 3 year old beagle needing a home that was great with kids and other dogs. It had a photo and I figured I'd call. I know Jesse wanted a beagle. After a little bit of talking and a visit with Charlie and Lulu this morning, I came home with an AKC certified beagle who was originally named Desert River Tracker by his breeder, Elijah by the person I got him from, and we are calling him Toby after the beagle Tobey in Used Cars. The deal with Toby is he's 3 years old, up to date on all shots, neutered, house broken and crate trained. He was pretty hyper when I met him but he's got really mellow since coming home with us. He's real mild mannered and Lulu gets a little aggressive around food with him, so I feed them separately. I gave both dogs baths, brushed teeth, and trimmed toenails today. So Toby kinda fell in line with Lulu in some ways. He has been with two prior owners and I am his third (breeder, the people in Fernley and now us.) The family got him for their daughter who is 10 and wasn't taking care of him so they kinda took over. The guy has to move to Reno for work and they can't have two dogs at their new place so they're keeping their old dog they've had for 10 years. They gave the beagle away for free to a good home, that's us. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Anyway, everyone is getting along nicely here so here's some pictures of the new family member and the rest of the family.

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