Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random AM

Jesse was sick as a dog puking and what not like two days ago. I'm feeling a little queasy now. Although I think mine has something more to do with my rank morning breath than it does a potential cold. I've been taking the multivitamin from work every day since they gave them to us and I'm not a vitamin person, but I gotta say, I'm pretty convinced they're why I haven't gotten sick. They're also why I get a slight upset stomach in the morning if I don't have a piece of food with them. But that only happened once. Plus it says on the bottle to take with food. But yeah, I gotta say, I've become a huge fan of their stuff. Jesse goes to Shot Show next week. I gotta take Charlie to daycare one extra day. I thought it would be two but it's not so woo hoo. I realized I have no baby or kid pictures of me because my mom has them all. Oh well. Its supposed to rain more which I'm ok with, I just don't want any super cold weather, like snow. At least not till my heater is fixed on my car. Speaking of heat, it seems like in the real cold weather our oil goes super fast. What's that all about? I need to order more checks soon and I'm feeling like getting some Lulu checks again. I really liked the Unique products checks. They're $20 and you can customize them. Its the same price as ordering new non-fancy checks from the bank only you get 50 less checks and in my mind, that's still a deal. Speaking of Lulu, how about this new blog background? Isn't she just the cutest? I totally had to do it. Anyway, time to get ready for work...

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