Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Random

It seems like far too long since I've updated the world or blogged or anything so here goes:

I'm kinda working again. It's a temp thing but can turn into a permanent thing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays permanent. I like it. The place is really nice, the people are nice and it's super busy all the time. Hopefully that's a sign that there is potential for permanence?

On that note, Charlie is in daycare. When I was going back to work when he was born, I was originally going to put him in a home daycare. But then I realized the more I interviewed home providers, the more I realized they had all these crazy schedules like they'd want 2 weeks off and take off on this holiday and that holiday and finally I said, screw it, you're going to a daycare center. I found a really cute Kindercare that Charlie goes to Wednesday through Friday every week. He's home with me on weekends and home with Jesse Monday and Tuesday. He was kinda iffy at first when he started going but he's been going for two weeks now and is adapting. He made some really neat paintings, he loves to play with the fire truck and dump truck, and well, he's made some friends. It's all good.

Last week I had a major CS3 problem. Basically it did some ridiculous crash thing and I couldn't reinstall. I thought maybe the serial was bad or the disc was bad or something was bad. Turns out you hafta deactivate it before you reinstall. So if it crashes on you and you can't deactivate it, then you need to delete some file and all is good again. Anyway, after a week of troubleshooting, I finally resolved my issue and feel totally satisfied that I got it fixed and didn't hafta waste $30 or more on a computer tech. So, my history of seeing computer techs is still at a 0. I believe all can be resolved with Google.

Friday night I had dinner with Sam and Ana from Jesse's work. We went to Rapscallions. I have always wanted to go there since we moved and it is just a lovely little place with even lovelier food. We had an awesome waiter and the food was fantastic. I also cannot eat clams without totally spilling on myself. Oh well. After that, Sam had to go home and Ana and I met up with her friend who was having boy problems. We started at Silverpeak but then decided to go to Divine because they had free drinks. It was anything but Divine. They were playing really bad 90's dance music. It wasn't like the fun 90's dance music, but the lame stuff. I was waiting for the dj to bust out Men In Black or something. After that, we went to West 2nd St. for karaoke. There was a really disasterous family behind us. When I say family, I kid you not. There was this weird late 20's early 30's something gothesque chick who looked kinda like Snow White but all trashed with a raspy voice and she was tone deaf. Then, she was there with her father. Yeah, because my idea of getting trashed on a Friday night involves drinking with my parents. Maybe if they were designated drivers or something, but no, dad was just as drunk as his daughter. He was going on about all sorts of weirdness like how she's leaving or something and they hafta party, I dunno. I think he was trying to work his way into our booth that really was meant for two people but we had squeezed in 3. There was some white and nerdy guy who sang Baby Got Back. His name was Scotty and he sang "Dial 1-900-Mix-Some-Scott, and kick them nasty thoughts, baby got back..." I was like, "Yeah, no." Did I mention there was this Amazonian black chick who looked like Lafawnda from Napoleon Dynamite there booty dancing with drunk Snow White's dad? Because there was. It was horrible excellence. After we could only tolerate so much of that, Ana's friend left and we went to Se7en to try and put an end to the night. We made a quick stop at West St. Wine Bar. I felt like I walked into Sideways. It was awesome. Wine geeks! I definitely see a future there. Plus it's quite. I don't really like loud bars all the time. Especially at the end of a night.

Saturday I got a sweet deal on a digital camera. I had great help from one of their employees. He helped me find a great camera at a decent price and also honored my sale coupon on top of it all. Basically, out the door, I wound up getting 45% off on the camera. I wrote a letter to their corporate offices commending the employees outstanding service. I believe good service deserves to be rewarded, or at least acknowledged. Because I saved so much, I bought Charlie a dresser for his bedroom. Now he has more room for activities *snort*. His room looks more like a big man room.

Sunday was Sunday. We went to hunt for some summer clothes today. Carters and Oshkosh were having sales so we went to look at what they had to offer. I got Charlie 3 t-shirts and 4 pairs of shorts. That should tide him over for a while. After that, we had lunch at Scheels and walked around the store to look at the animal displays and fish and ferris wheel. Then it was time to go home. Charlie decided it was a good idea to walk back to the car, so I let him walk ahead of me around the plaza at Legends and he played in there for a while around the rock fountain. He discovered he could walk up and down stairs by himself, standing, by holding onto the handles. That totally changed everything and he loved this new weird freedom of being able to stand and walk up and down stairs without holding Mom-mom's hand. He strutted around the plaza and then cried when I went to take him home. Then we ran into Ana, who was out shopping with her family.

Anyway, the weekend is over. Off to work tomorrow. Jesse and Charlie are going shooting tomorrow. I bought Jesse a box of .40 S&W as a random surprise since he's going shooting. And even if he doesn't use it, he has another box and wasn't expecting it and I like to make him happy like that. He did buy me strawberries the other night, so, I think we're even. On that note, I leave some pictures of Charlie in his awesome vest from Auntie Lori. Jesse and I both agree that it is quite possibly the best thing she's ever got for Charlie, let alone the best thing anyone has got him.

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