Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Random

Today was interesting in a less-dramatic-than-yesterday kinda way. It started out this morning when Vicky from Women's Shooting Academy came over to interview Jesse for her site on why it's important to have a gunsmith and what they do. It pretty much strikes me as a blatant advertising for Jesse's services, but also makes a valid point in terms of maintenance, malfunctions and why it's good to have a gun in tip top shape, constantly ready for action. She called last night to touch base and we kinda got to talking about some ideas. For starters, I've been wanting to be a shooting instructor for quite a while now. Pretty much since I've taught my cousin and a few friends how to shoot. I love getting people into the shooting sports and would love to do it for others out here. She got me in touch with an NRA training councilor who teaches classes so I emailed him and I'm just waiting to hear back on when, where, and how much his classes are and if I can come up with the money to do that. Hopefully I can and if I'm lucky I can help out with WSA. That'd be pretty sweet. I love everything about them and it'd be cool to be part of it. The other thing we spoke of was a women's shooting club. I know lots of ladies out here want to shoot but don't want to go alone. She has a list and I told her I don't mind taking on the task of organizing the club. I think first things first do the certification and then organize the club. Basically I'd like to have shooting outings with groups of women who can socialize, shoot, maybe have a potluck once a year to raise money, do a monthly clean up day where we go out to shooting spots with rakes and trash bags and clean up spots so BLM can't bitch about shooters. Do some community stuff and fundraisers. Just so people can see that shooters aren't all tactical men but are women too. I'd also like to do seasonal shooting competitions with pistols and rifles. Basically stuff the men do that women are sometimes afraid to sign up to do. I'd even get little trophies made heh. Anyway, I think we need to have a lunch date one day to go more into this. I think I'd like to take it more the recreation route, but at the same time still promote the defense route. Anyway, tangents aside, after Vicky left, I went fishing, had no luck and decided to come home. It was really beautiful so I left the door open to get some fresh air in the house. I watched Emergency! with the dogs and ate lunch, then went to change the flat on my bike since weather permitted. I got the tire changed and felt pretty snappy since it was the back tire and I've never been showed how to change a flat and deal with the chain and all that crap. I think it needs some WD40 though because it's looking a little rusty. I got to the gas station and put air in it and it was fine, but then out of nowhere, I guess it wasn't sitting properly because the tire popped out of place, so it was back to the gas station. The first time there, a nice guy gave me some change because I was a nickle short. But the next time, I didn't have any change and I wasn't about to walk home, so I had to go to an ATM at Ryan's and pull out a $20 because the ATM at the gas station wasn't working and they don't give cash back. Pull out $20 just to get $0.75! I felt like John Gage! In the end, I got it all fixed and came home, put Charlie's seat back on and got an email from one of our friends we haven't heard from in a long time along with class dates/prices for the pistol certification courses. Now to figure out how to muster up $265 before the end of February...

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