Friday, February 5, 2010

Death of a Percolator

Yesterday I nearly brought myself to tears. I was so clumsy for some reason and I kept crashing into walls or tripping on furniture. But that wasn't what upset me. Two nights ago, my coffee maker, which was a vintage 70's percolator type, needed a little bit of repair. The wiring was messed up so I took the wiring housing apart and stripped the wires back to re-wire it and put it back together and it worked like a charm. Well, yesterday, I was rinsing my sink out and I knocked the coffee pot over and saw it happen in slow motion, fall off the counter, crash onto the counter and break into shards all over my leg and foot, cascading onto the floor all over the kitchen. I was practically in tears. Not because I had glass break all over my leg, because I had jeans on and was protected from getting cut, but because I love my coffee maker. I just can't find something so compact or adorable in stores now days. What a loss! I'm convinced I wasn't supposed to own him anymore. I'll probably see if I can find a new one at the Humane Society Thrift Shop on 4th street some time today while I'm out. Anyway, yeah, I'm sad about that still. Just had to vent.

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