Friday, February 26, 2010

Give A Little, Take A Little

Giving, since I'm feeling generous right now. So I got my course analysis back from my sewing class I taught at the start of the month. Interesting little tidbit on that is that I saw what my students wrote and everything was true on what the school sent me, except for my ratings. The students all rated me at a 5, but for educational purposes and that whole leave room for improvement thing, the school said I got a 3. Really? That's weak! Whatever. I know I did well and it was a great class. Monday starts the beginning of my 3-part class on crochet so that will be fun. I got 5 students signed up and I'll be getting paid like $200 for that so that's pretty sweet. Someone is going to come in to take photos for the website so that will be cool too. I'm super excited.

And of course taking... tomorrow is my pistol instructor class I'm taking. It's pretty much for street credit, yo. As the founder of LLL, it's only appropriate I have NRA certification on how to instruct people how to shoot. Although, I also signed up to do the rifle and shotgun courses too. Like I said, it's all about the street credit, yo. Someone told me I can teach boy scouts. Yes, I could. But I question how many teenage boys want to learn how to shoot a gun from a chick. The more I think about it, I bet they'd be pretty psyched... ah, good times.

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