Sunday, February 7, 2010

Irresponsibility Infuriates Me

Jesse and I went to Walmart tonight to do our grocery shopping together and we made a pit stop by the auto aisle so Jesse could get some cleaning ruckus there. Out of the corner of my eye I see a go-back cart and in there is one of those Daisy BB rifles. I also spy two dumb jackoff Hispanic guys in their early 20's being jack asses walking up and down the aisles goofing around and one guy spies the BB rifle and picks it up and points it at his friend laughing and cackling in Spanish at each other. I nearly lost it. I think if they weren't speaking Spanish I would have gone and yelled at them. It just infuriates me to no end to see this kind of behavior. My husband lost his eye due to a BB gun when he was 15. For people to treat BB guns like they're toys is beyond me. It shoots a projectile. If you need protective gear to play with a paintball gun, why do people treat BB guns as if they're different? Those two idiots were walking around pointing a gun at each other without thinking of the potential reciprocations of their actions. Suppose a CCW holder sees them and thinks they're holding someone hostage and decides to be a hero? They could get shot. Suppose someone in the store thinks they're robbing someone and a security guard or off duty cop pulls their guns on them? Suppose their own stupidity makes them start pulling triggers and they injure one another? Its idiots like these who are prime examples as to why we have our gun rights taken away. Idiots like them who don't get the proper instruction or have the common sense to realize that whether its a BB gun, a real gun, or a paintball gun, that you don't go pointing it at people EVER, let alone in a public place!? What are they thinking!? I was just flabbergasted. I absolutely refused to walk down that aisle till they were gone for fear they would do something stupid. I'd never be a hero in a situation unless my life, my son, or husband's was in danger but those idiots came real close. Fortunately, I also have a real quick eye for details, that being I did see there was a trigger lock device on the BB gun, but I keep playing out in my mind what would happen if someone actually pulled a gun on them because they think they were attempting to pull off a crime. I know this is just fuel the anti-gun lobbyists use to propagate their campaigns, but dammit, people like that make me so angry! It's not the guns that should be outlawed, it's the idiots that need to be dealt with. That gun sat there, harmless, doing nothing, but in the hands of the right idiot, it could have done some damage. I wish I was fluent in Spanish to where I could chew their asses out because I would have. When we left, I asked Jesse if he was as pissed off as I was, unfortunately, he didn't see what was happening as it was on his blind side. AGH! I am still mad! They're like poster children for everything that is wrong in the world and it just makes me so mad thinking about it still!!! I need to eat and try to forget about it...

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