Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rocked Like A Hurricaine

This last week has been rather chaotic. Charlie had a cold and was really sick with super high fevers and a sore throat. When he cried, he would go "Ow! Ow!" because it hurt and there wasn't anything that could be done. I broke my dear coffee maker. And then, to add insult to injury, Friday morning, as Jesse was leaving for work, we were told our rental home was being foreclosed. This was a shock to us as we had been told months earlier that a bid was made on the home and the bank approved it. We called to make sure it wasn't some hoax and I spoke to the man who gave us the card and he informed us he was hired by the bank. I then called the land lord, who couldn't be reached and I thought she must have known and was avoiding us at first. Then I called the realtor, who informed me there was so much going on with the house that she had completely stepped out of being involved with things. At some point, some phone calls must have been made and I heard back from our landlord, who was pretty livid at the fact the realtor bailed on her and didn't inform her and that she was finding out about the foreclosure through her tenants. She felt horrible in having not known and pretty much told us that anything we wanted to take like fridge, stove, etc. we could as she owned them and was trying to make up for the crappy turn of events. Basically what happened was the person who put the bid on the home decided to back out. Another person put a bid on the home, but in the period he was dealing with the banks to get an approval on his offer, the bank decided to just foreclose.

As renters, we had two options. The first is cash for keys. The bank pays us to move out basically. We have to be out quickly and they pay for our moving expenses. The second is to stay here for 90 days, in which we have to vacate afterward and if we weren't gone by 90 days, we would be evicted if need be. So here we have a child recovering from a cold, two parents who are now coming down with child's said cold, and we're being foreclosed on top of it all. Needless to speak, we were kinda in foul moods this weekend. We decided the cash for keys option is our best bet as we weren't under the assumption we had to move until a few days ago and hadn't saved up or looked into new places. We really didn't know what to expect money wise at the time because we didn't know if they'd give us what we pay for rent or how it would work out. We were given the bank's offer on Monday, which we were allowed to negotiate. Since we paid about $500 to clean the chimney and repair the furnace, plus we just put some oil for the heater in the tank (another $160), add the costs of moving, utility connections, plus first month's rent, security deposit, and a pet deposit and well, we're asking for $3,000. It's a little high, but we're aiming higher than our actual numbers in hopes they'll lower it to what we want, or, who knows, give us $3,000.

Now that we had some numbers, we were able to shop around. Strangely enough, we found a really cute place today online. There were a few others but this one had some good features. Lots of storage in the unit. 2 bedroom that allows pets. Sadly, only one dog under 25 lbs, so Toby, who only was living with us for two weeks, has to move. Fortunately, he is staying in the family and going home with my parents. It only seemed right, seeing as he pretty much decided my mom was his new best friend when she came up. It'll be nothing more than pug life for us from here on out. Of course we didn't plan on leaving when we got Toby, but oh well. The place is set up pretty nifty and the winning point is that is has a swimming pool! Woo hoo! I'm actually EXCITED about summer now! Anyway, we put a hold deposit down and got approved and will be signing the lease this week for a move in next week.

Oh, and more bad news, I left the lights on the Oldsmobile for the who knows how manyth time. I killed the battery and had AAA jump it because we couldn't get it to start with Jesse's truck. The AAA guy was actually a chick and I found it kinda odd but cool. I think I still feel pretty uneasy about seeing women doing a man's job even so far after the whole feminist movement. I don't mind like doctors and what not, but a job that seems to require physical strength and mechanic abilities. I dunno. It's cool, but I guess maybe I'm a little jealous that I'm not strong enough or smart enough to figure it out. I mean, hell, I left my lights on and killed my battery. It's one thing to have a man treat you like a dumb girl, but to have another girl do it, woooh, them's fightin' words... actually she wasn't condescending at all, so it's all good. But man, I really need to have like a brain switch put in to remind me to turn off lights, remember where I leave my glasses, not forget to do important things, stuff like that.

Ever since I had Charlie one of my major pregnancy setbacks has been short term memory and sometimes I feel like I have alzheimers or something. I mean, I forget what I'm talking about mid-sentence sometimes. Every doctor tells me it's some sort of hormone crap but I dunno, that seems pretty major for hormones. It's really frustrating, too, because I'm not even 30 yet. It just scares the crap outta me to think what will happen in another 30 years. I mean, I can live with stretch marks, but give me back my memory, and bladder functionality, and quit with the heartburn after chocolate already! Jeebus!

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MsVennie said...

Oh girl, I have been meaning to email you, but my laptop went copootz for a moment. I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through, but also very glad your moving expenses will be paid. That is a HUGE blessing. We're going through the same things over here - hubbie lost his job - they laid him off, and the unemployment amount is a slap in our face. For the first time in 7 years, we've actually had to have a serious talk about relocating out of this state to a state with a better job ratio. But then I'd need to find a job that would pay those relocation costs because with only me working, every single penny is to bills, and we're behind on our rent payment right now. Luckily, we have a great landlord who has no problem working with us. I'm stressed to the MAX, but trying to remain hopful and peaceful. My sister has told me to come there, we could stay with her until we get on our feet, but hubbie is not keen on staying with anyone. We'll see how things go - let's exchanging some good luck energy - we need it!

Things are in limbo right now for SO many people. It's a scary time for sure.

Poor Charlie - there's so much ick going around right now. It's awful when our little ones are ill. I know I feel kind of helpless, but he's lucky to have a mom like you taking care of him.

BTW - I love the new look of your blog - so pretty.