Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where To Find Classy Folks

Forget the hot night clubs or the upscale restaurants. Reno's classiest people are all found at Miss Fits adult novelty shop on Wells. Only while driving home have I seen on several occasions parents, either alone or with their "other", with children in tow either coming out or going into the smut shop. Seriously? Is it that important you have to go into a sex shop right at that moment with your kids? Couldn't your lace body stockings wait another day? Are they on sale for $1 or something? And don't the employees have a moral obligation to turn the parents out as every sex store I've ever known of has a NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 ALLOWED INSIDE? I mean, at what point did a sex shop become like an R film where you can't come in unless you have your parents or guardians with you? Seriously, how do you explain a dildo to your 4 year old? "Oh, this is something mommy keeps when her boyfriend is in prison to keep her company..." I am beyond words. I can't even comprehend any of this. If it were just today, I would attribute it as some sort of mind-playing-tricks-on-me from being sick, but I've seen it at least two or three other times. Oh well. I'll let them wonder why their kids drop out of school at 12 and stray into a world of prostitution, teen pregnancy, drug use, and a life of crime.

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