Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Creative Time Out

So I have a lot of absurd fantasies. Just silly girl things that I daydream about wishing I could do. Something about the old south and the 50's strikes me as totally awesome. I wish I could live in the 50's in the deep south in one of those big plantation mansions. I wish I were 16 and Jesse were my neighbor and we were best friends who spent summers running around rivers catching polly-wogs and watching fireworks. I wish I could go to a debutant ball and wear a charcoal chiffon dress with a sunflower corsage dyed red. I wish I could wear shorts and plaid shirts and sit on a porch on a rainy summer day drinking lemonade. I wish there would be honky-tonk dances at local restaurants. I wish I didn't feel so absurd confessing this ridiculousness. I think I'm due to watch Forrest Gump soon to get my 50's deep south fix...

Monday, March 29, 2010

In one ear, out the other...

I am in such a foul mood today. For starters, the smart ass kids next door were told not to play on our driveway several times in the past. They could care less and they broke our fence while playing basketball. It got to the point we told our property managers and they are going to talk to the kids. Yesterday, I guess Jesse told them again to stop coming over here because they broke the fence and the oldest kid says, "We'll just come back when you leave." Jesse tells the kid that's fine and if he sees them back here he will call the cops out and let them explain their trespassing and vandalism to RPD. Today the property manager sent the maintenance guy out to fix the fence. She also wants the info on where the kids live because I guess now that there has been a broken fence that needs repairs due to these kids and them coming onto property they do not live on, there's all these liability issues involved so she needs to contact them. Good. I hope those parents finally start watching their kids or something.

Then, today I'm doing all our laundry. The laundry room was being serviced last week so I couldn't go. I have a lot of laundry. Jesse had to put the towels and Charlie's bedding (two separate loads) into the dryer while I took Charlie to the doctor. He did. He also put it in one dryer. I went to get them and they're still soaked and I didn't take anything out to see if any of the stuff got stained purple (not sure if the towels bled or not) from being mixed in with DARK and WHITES. I'm pretty pissed off right now, especially because I gave directions of put the stuff in the dryer. I had them as two loads, why the hell would you think two goes down to ONE!? WTF!? Plus, we have money for TWO loads in the dryer. Again, wtf!? I'm super irked to the point I feel like yelling at him like he's some kinda damned idiot when he gets home. I swear he does this stuff on purpose sometimes just to avoid having to do it later. Either that or he didn't learn shit in terms of personal responsibility, following directions or housework growing up...

Last, as I said before, Charlie went back to the doctor. He needs his tonsils removed. They're so huge they're pretty much closing his throat up. He also keeps getting sick because they keep catching all these fun colds. For what it's worth, if I can get him a surgery approved and done asap, I'm booking it. Period. I lived for 23 years with ass for tonsils and it sucked and the best thing that ever happened to me was having them shrunk. I don't want my kid to have to deal with strep and tonsillitis year after year plus every other cold, food, and crap that gets stuck in there making him perpetually sick and having a throat smell like ass all the time. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

Till then, I hope Jesse's having fun at the junk yard and the wind is blowing so much dirt and crap in his eyes he can't see anything. I'm still mad about the laundry. I guess it goes to show if you want something done right do it yourself.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Gun Wish List

I don't think I ever officially put my wish list in writing, so here it is in no particular order:

M1 Garand - technically as soon as we get our tax return in, this will be a done deal
CZ 83 9mm Browning (.380 Auto) preferably the glossy blue.
CZ 75BD (9mm) glossy blue.
Walther PPK (.380) - Yeah, I still want one of them originals even though half the guns I love or want are modeled after it... blued, please.
Sig P229 (.40 S&W) two-tone.
Sig P238 (.380) Nitron w/ rose grips.
Mauser 98 - why not have a 98 to go with my 98K?
AR-15 with green furniture.
Kel Tec P3AT (.380) olive green.
Charter Arms Pink Lady (.38) - it's one of those "to be cute" things like my pink LCP...
Ithica Model 37 - because anything used in Vietfrickinnam is awesome.
M16 - one fine day we'll all be millionaires with Class III licenses.
Kimber Royal II (.45) blued or a parkarized two tone, probably would require some sort of custom work. Blah. Who wouldn't spend money on their 1911?

List subject to change.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

This morning I woke up semi-aware of the fact it's St. Patrick's day. I opted out of wearing green. I can wear green any day. I spent my day running errands of sorts. Left not too long after Jesse to go to Shopper's Square to hit up the notary public. Got the CMP order form for a Garand signed and those are good to go as soon as the money gets here. Then Charlie and I had lunch at Port of Subs. He enjoyed his turkey and cheese sandwich just a little too much and that was fine with me. After that, we went to Marshal's to see if we could find him a swimsuit for the summer. We got two cute ones, one for this year and one for next year because they were so cheap. Woo hoo! I also picked up some wash cloths and it has come to my attention I would like to get yellow towels and do the color scheme of the bathroom yellow, white and grey. Charlie napped while I was shopping at Marshal's in the cart and after that we went to the park. He loved his big slide as always...

Ran around the park...
Then we walked by the lake and had fun pointing at the ducks saying, "Duck!" Right on, boy! He also got really close to getting goosed by a goose. Good times.

Going Postal

Postal employees are one of those jobs that don't get all the glory of being considered a government employee. My dad was a mailman for longer than I can remember, but one of my favorite memories was when he would go through his Christmas tips. Yeah, people tip their letter carriers. Most of the world probably never knew this and the rest of you probably just look at it like another person on your list to do something for. Anyway, I miss my old mailman from our first apartment in Reno, Mail Man Lady. I felt bad because I never knew her name, but she was awesome. Our next mailman, was Don. He wasn't a very pleasant fellow and I was never fond of him. Our new mailman at the new apartment is named Bobby. He's a nice guy and apparently he knows me. Maybe it's because of my OCD-like obsession with constantly checking our mail box, maybe it's because we're new. Whatever the case, I've seen him a few times and he knows what my mailbox is and if he's sorting mail and I come down, he'll actually take the mail out of my box and hand it to me so I don't need to open it with the key. He also helped me carry the reloading bench up the stairs to our apartment when we moved when he came to drop off a package. He will definitely get a good tip this Christmas. We were talking recently and he was telling me how the post office is trying to get rid of their overtime. That sucks because a lot of mailmen rely on their OT in order to get their routes done. The sucky part is that the gov't requires a lot of work from it's postal employees but doesn't give them a lot of time to do it. Instead of hiring more people, they just allow OT. Well now they're not allowing OT and they're not hiring more people. It sucks. No wonder mailmen tend to be crotchety. Anyway, take time to acknowledge your mailman at least. They don't get a great pay check. Their benefits suck. And they get treated like poop.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I know I said last year that I was retiring from the competitive pie circuit but my parents kind of talked me into doing it one more year. So this is going to be my final year and I'm not going to do anything fancy. I am, however, going to tap into the mining culture of the past in which the northern Nevada area was developed around to create something historically inspiring and hopefully tasty! That's all I can say for now.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010 is THE year...

I keep saying what an awesome year this is time and time again. But it's true. February was the hectic month. Lots of colds and still recovering. Started teaching hobby classes and took instructor classes. Started the League of Lethal Ladies. Had an impromptu League night meet and greet.

March is the month the ball really gets rolling. I guess this is mostly a League post. March's League night was pretty cool. We met at the Women's Shooting Academy classroom and built target stands. This weekend we'll be going out shooting on our first League event. We are one person short of a board of trustees. After that we can get our non-profit status set up and apply to get affiliations with national organizations like the NRA and CMP. I have also contacted some other shooting organizations in Northern Nevada to see if they would like to be affiliates. Since we launched in February, we have close to 40 members who are registered with our online site and 76 Facebook fans. I'd say we're looking and feeling pretty legit right now. Anyway, I'm thankful Vicki at WSA gave me her ladie's shooting list and proud I was able to get time to get these ladies together. They're an amazing group of women. I'm so happy to have Jennifer on board who comes an hour and a half out to our events and meetings from Yerington and has been my right hand woman in terms of setting up our non-profit status. Seriously, the League is an amazing group and we're going to do some amazing things. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.

Anyway, if there were a mood button like on other blogs, I would have an "accomplished" icon flashing. But there isn't one on here so I do feel accomplished. And I think all the ladies involved can say the same. They have taken their skills, be it newly found or lifelong, and are doing something with it. So great to have everyone involved in this.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

How did I live before?

You know, it never ceases to amaze me whenever I get a new amazing piece of technology in my paws and sit and fall in love with it wondering how I ever managed to live before said device? My mama bear gal pal, Vicki, owner of Women's Shooting Academy, has been raving about her recent iPhone purchase. Then when I was at my pistol instructor course last weekend, everyone was fidgeting with their iPhones and similar devices. I was due for a phone upgrade and was originally going to do an LG envy so I could have a QWERTY keyboard for texting but figure if I'm going to pay extra for a phone, why not pay another $30 and get something similar to an iPhone. Hence, I now have in my paws a Samsung Rogue and I love it to pieces and wonder how I ever managed to live without one.

Today I spent a good part of my day filling out forms to join various gun clubs in the area. I'd really like to take some of this year and get into more involvement with competitive shooting. I've been itching to do one of Stillwater Firearm Association's bowling pin shoots and the Palomino Valley Gun Club's military silhouettes look like a hoot. I see it as a good investment to join a few of these groups so I can use the platforms to eventually set up a NRA Women On Target event of some sort. Plus, to my knowledge, I believe I can have my scores submitted to the NRA for their competitions via mail and get an NRA shooting ranking level. I'm all about that. I'd really like my large bore rifle and center-fire rankings.

There was one more point I wanted to bring up today that slipped my mind by now. Maybe it involved Girl Scouts and the fact I thank God for placing them in front of Walmart for me today so I could by 4 boxes of cookies that I have been wanting all year.

That's what I was going to say! My asthma came back when I got sick. I never had a chance to write about it, but I've had this nasty cough for 3 weeks now and it's making my asthma act up. I'm back on an inhaler and now I even have to take preventative steriods. Fortunately, my insurance covers a good portion of the steriods. Currently it's Advair and it's helping a bit. But I'm pretty sure I also have seasonal allergies, too. I've spent over $100 on my cold for medications, another $100 to go to doctors and I'll say I'm happy as heck to have health insurance and I'm even happier that the gov't isn't taking care of it. Otherwise, I'd have to fill out 20 thousand forms and wait for a few years to get on a waiting list to see if I qualify for seeing a doctor hahaha.

OK, that's all I got for today.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

"We're all in this together..."

I had a lovely friend in high school, Kirsten Brydum, who was murdered a little over a year ago by a gun shot to the head while out of town in Louisiana. Her catch phrase was, "We're all in this together." She used it loosely and often and it always pertained to everything she did and it always made sense.

I'm an advocate of personal safety. I don't care what your means are. You can be internet savvy and cautious of what you share online. You can take a self-defense class. You can carry pepper spray, a tazer or a pistol. You can avoid dangerous locations. You can put a deadbolt on your door. You can travel in groups. You can do whatever you can in your power to keep safe.

Recently I took a course towards becoming an NRA certified pistol instructor. It was a great class and I look forward to taking more classes for further certifications in rifles and shotguns, as well as range safety officer, reloading and later this month a tactical first aid course. I believe the more you have under your belt, the safer you are, not only in a protection sense, but just in a practical sense. Obviously if I go out shooting with a bunch of people, for me to have a first aid knowledge of what to do if (God forbid) someone get shot is helpful for everyone involved. Lives are at stake.

I've had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people over this quick trip into the professional shooting world. I've met lots of great instructors who I will be thrilled to be part of their peer group. I have also been exposed to some very nasty people who say that the way some people treat shooting is a farce and no one will take you seriously. To that, I think back upon my friend, Kristen, and I just think, "We're all in this together."

Obviously, some people might be pretty condescending towards us, but the reality of it is, they shouldn't be. We all share the same ideals of personal safety and 2nd Amendment rights. Why should we treat our peers, regardless of sex or skill levels, like they are insignificant? If we share the same beliefs, why would you put someone down? Obviously you'll never teach every person in town. That's too much work for one person. We need to work together. There's no point in putting others down. All the instructors. All the gun shops. All the shooters. We're all in this together. Let's start acting like it. Together, we can accomplish great things. We can help raise awareness. We can work towards protecting our rights.

I'm proud to be a member of the shooting world. I'm proud that I now have the ability to teach and share my love of shooting to others. I am happy that I have met some absolutely wonderful people who currently instruct and others who are taking steps to become instructors. I am truly happy to have the acquaintances I have met. I think all of you are absolutely fabulous people and I think what you're doing is wonderful. I hope everyone does well in their endeavors. Again, I think we're capable of great things, so long as we remember, we're all in this together.