Wednesday, March 10, 2010

2010 is THE year...

I keep saying what an awesome year this is time and time again. But it's true. February was the hectic month. Lots of colds and still recovering. Started teaching hobby classes and took instructor classes. Started the League of Lethal Ladies. Had an impromptu League night meet and greet.

March is the month the ball really gets rolling. I guess this is mostly a League post. March's League night was pretty cool. We met at the Women's Shooting Academy classroom and built target stands. This weekend we'll be going out shooting on our first League event. We are one person short of a board of trustees. After that we can get our non-profit status set up and apply to get affiliations with national organizations like the NRA and CMP. I have also contacted some other shooting organizations in Northern Nevada to see if they would like to be affiliates. Since we launched in February, we have close to 40 members who are registered with our online site and 76 Facebook fans. I'd say we're looking and feeling pretty legit right now. Anyway, I'm thankful Vicki at WSA gave me her ladie's shooting list and proud I was able to get time to get these ladies together. They're an amazing group of women. I'm so happy to have Jennifer on board who comes an hour and a half out to our events and meetings from Yerington and has been my right hand woman in terms of setting up our non-profit status. Seriously, the League is an amazing group and we're going to do some amazing things. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.

Anyway, if there were a mood button like on other blogs, I would have an "accomplished" icon flashing. But there isn't one on here so I do feel accomplished. And I think all the ladies involved can say the same. They have taken their skills, be it newly found or lifelong, and are doing something with it. So great to have everyone involved in this.

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