Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Creative Time Out

So I have a lot of absurd fantasies. Just silly girl things that I daydream about wishing I could do. Something about the old south and the 50's strikes me as totally awesome. I wish I could live in the 50's in the deep south in one of those big plantation mansions. I wish I were 16 and Jesse were my neighbor and we were best friends who spent summers running around rivers catching polly-wogs and watching fireworks. I wish I could go to a debutant ball and wear a charcoal chiffon dress with a sunflower corsage dyed red. I wish I could wear shorts and plaid shirts and sit on a porch on a rainy summer day drinking lemonade. I wish there would be honky-tonk dances at local restaurants. I wish I didn't feel so absurd confessing this ridiculousness. I think I'm due to watch Forrest Gump soon to get my 50's deep south fix...

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