Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Postal

Postal employees are one of those jobs that don't get all the glory of being considered a government employee. My dad was a mailman for longer than I can remember, but one of my favorite memories was when he would go through his Christmas tips. Yeah, people tip their letter carriers. Most of the world probably never knew this and the rest of you probably just look at it like another person on your list to do something for. Anyway, I miss my old mailman from our first apartment in Reno, Mail Man Lady. I felt bad because I never knew her name, but she was awesome. Our next mailman, was Don. He wasn't a very pleasant fellow and I was never fond of him. Our new mailman at the new apartment is named Bobby. He's a nice guy and apparently he knows me. Maybe it's because of my OCD-like obsession with constantly checking our mail box, maybe it's because we're new. Whatever the case, I've seen him a few times and he knows what my mailbox is and if he's sorting mail and I come down, he'll actually take the mail out of my box and hand it to me so I don't need to open it with the key. He also helped me carry the reloading bench up the stairs to our apartment when we moved when he came to drop off a package. He will definitely get a good tip this Christmas. We were talking recently and he was telling me how the post office is trying to get rid of their overtime. That sucks because a lot of mailmen rely on their OT in order to get their routes done. The sucky part is that the gov't requires a lot of work from it's postal employees but doesn't give them a lot of time to do it. Instead of hiring more people, they just allow OT. Well now they're not allowing OT and they're not hiring more people. It sucks. No wonder mailmen tend to be crotchety. Anyway, take time to acknowledge your mailman at least. They don't get a great pay check. Their benefits suck. And they get treated like poop.

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