Friday, March 19, 2010

Gun Wish List

I don't think I ever officially put my wish list in writing, so here it is in no particular order:

M1 Garand - technically as soon as we get our tax return in, this will be a done deal
CZ 83 9mm Browning (.380 Auto) preferably the glossy blue.
CZ 75BD (9mm) glossy blue.
Walther PPK (.380) - Yeah, I still want one of them originals even though half the guns I love or want are modeled after it... blued, please.
Sig P229 (.40 S&W) two-tone.
Sig P238 (.380) Nitron w/ rose grips.
Mauser 98 - why not have a 98 to go with my 98K?
AR-15 with green furniture.
Kel Tec P3AT (.380) olive green.
Charter Arms Pink Lady (.38) - it's one of those "to be cute" things like my pink LCP...
Ithica Model 37 - because anything used in Vietfrickinnam is awesome.
M16 - one fine day we'll all be millionaires with Class III licenses.
Kimber Royal II (.45) blued or a parkarized two tone, probably would require some sort of custom work. Blah. Who wouldn't spend money on their 1911?

List subject to change.

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