Monday, March 29, 2010

In one ear, out the other...

I am in such a foul mood today. For starters, the smart ass kids next door were told not to play on our driveway several times in the past. They could care less and they broke our fence while playing basketball. It got to the point we told our property managers and they are going to talk to the kids. Yesterday, I guess Jesse told them again to stop coming over here because they broke the fence and the oldest kid says, "We'll just come back when you leave." Jesse tells the kid that's fine and if he sees them back here he will call the cops out and let them explain their trespassing and vandalism to RPD. Today the property manager sent the maintenance guy out to fix the fence. She also wants the info on where the kids live because I guess now that there has been a broken fence that needs repairs due to these kids and them coming onto property they do not live on, there's all these liability issues involved so she needs to contact them. Good. I hope those parents finally start watching their kids or something.

Then, today I'm doing all our laundry. The laundry room was being serviced last week so I couldn't go. I have a lot of laundry. Jesse had to put the towels and Charlie's bedding (two separate loads) into the dryer while I took Charlie to the doctor. He did. He also put it in one dryer. I went to get them and they're still soaked and I didn't take anything out to see if any of the stuff got stained purple (not sure if the towels bled or not) from being mixed in with DARK and WHITES. I'm pretty pissed off right now, especially because I gave directions of put the stuff in the dryer. I had them as two loads, why the hell would you think two goes down to ONE!? WTF!? Plus, we have money for TWO loads in the dryer. Again, wtf!? I'm super irked to the point I feel like yelling at him like he's some kinda damned idiot when he gets home. I swear he does this stuff on purpose sometimes just to avoid having to do it later. Either that or he didn't learn shit in terms of personal responsibility, following directions or housework growing up...

Last, as I said before, Charlie went back to the doctor. He needs his tonsils removed. They're so huge they're pretty much closing his throat up. He also keeps getting sick because they keep catching all these fun colds. For what it's worth, if I can get him a surgery approved and done asap, I'm booking it. Period. I lived for 23 years with ass for tonsils and it sucked and the best thing that ever happened to me was having them shrunk. I don't want my kid to have to deal with strep and tonsillitis year after year plus every other cold, food, and crap that gets stuck in there making him perpetually sick and having a throat smell like ass all the time. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

Till then, I hope Jesse's having fun at the junk yard and the wind is blowing so much dirt and crap in his eyes he can't see anything. I'm still mad about the laundry. I guess it goes to show if you want something done right do it yourself.

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