Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

This morning I woke up semi-aware of the fact it's St. Patrick's day. I opted out of wearing green. I can wear green any day. I spent my day running errands of sorts. Left not too long after Jesse to go to Shopper's Square to hit up the notary public. Got the CMP order form for a Garand signed and those are good to go as soon as the money gets here. Then Charlie and I had lunch at Port of Subs. He enjoyed his turkey and cheese sandwich just a little too much and that was fine with me. After that, we went to Marshal's to see if we could find him a swimsuit for the summer. We got two cute ones, one for this year and one for next year because they were so cheap. Woo hoo! I also picked up some wash cloths and it has come to my attention I would like to get yellow towels and do the color scheme of the bathroom yellow, white and grey. Charlie napped while I was shopping at Marshal's in the cart and after that we went to the park. He loved his big slide as always...

Ran around the park...
Then we walked by the lake and had fun pointing at the ducks saying, "Duck!" Right on, boy! He also got really close to getting goosed by a goose. Good times.

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