Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hell Froze Over and I Just Got The Memo

My Bersa is my go-to gun for when I'm out and about. I know there's a whole argument of people who swear a Bersa isn't a good carry gun and that whole counter argument of it's not about size but placement, and to that I say, if it's good enough for the Argentina Federal Police, it's good enough for me. (Note, they carry the full size 9 as their standard issue, however, it is said they carry the .380 as a backup.) Well, today my darling Bersa is out of commission because he will be used for teaching purposes, so that means I have to go with another gun. Drat. We have an array of pistols, all of which are on my permit, but none of them really wow me to the likes of wanting to carry them. (Read: they're too clunky for on body concealed carry.) Last night I was looking around and though I'd grumble and take the Glock 36. I've shot him a handful of times and don't think much of him in terms of desirability. Yeah, I can shoot him ok, but I really would rather not. The only Glock I kind of liked was the Glock 17 in 9 mm and we sold him to get the Glock 23, in .40. The Glock 23 is again, ok, and I'll say I like to shoot the .40 way more than the compact .45, but I just have this weird mental block against Glocks that I'm not a huge fan of their boxy design. I do, however, like their trigger safety and the fact that they have a little bit of weight to them considering they're a polymer gun. Anyway, the choices came down to a .38 revolver with 5 rounds that sticks out pretty bad unless I carry it small of back and I'm not a huge fan of the carry location or the gun itself, a full sized 9mm (Sig P226, which I absolutely love to shoot but dread carrying because the thing is like the size of a brick and oh-so-obvious), or the Glock 23. I chose the Glock.

Now I am a very firm believer that the first pistol you buy will never be the pistol you love years down the road. Guns are kind of like dating, I guess. You need to go through a few ok and maybe even terrible ones before you find the one you absolutely fall in love with. Where am I at right now? Well, I think me and Mr. Bersa may have a troubling time in our marriage. You see, this morning, I met Mr. Glock 23 and while he came off as cocky and superb and I wasn't a huge fan of his looks, he does have a great personality and is a great kisser. (What? Wait, did I just take a turn for the cheesy? Yeah. I just went there.) My point being, ladies, is that a gun you buy originally, may not be the gun you love down the road. The good thing is, we're not married to our guns, so there really isn't any obligation of having to stay with one for life. Yeah, it helps, but in all honesty, the more you play the field and play with other guns, the more you realize that maybe a 5 shot .38 revolver isn't the right gun for you. My very first pistol (not counting my plinker, which I also sold and regret having done so, but I did use that money to buy my Bersa) was a S&W .357 magnum. It was a full sized gun and I never shoot it. The closest I come to shooting it is when I use it for photos because it's such a photogenic gun. It wasn't until my third pistol in (the Bersa) that I found one I was very pleased with. Although this morning, I think I may be in love with the Glock 23 and this is like me completely going against everything I have ever said in the past. I feel weird and a little uncomfortable but slightly liberated. I can't explain.

Anyway, I may want to get one somewhere down the road in the olive green finish they come in. Just so I can say I'm part of that Glock crowd. Again, this all feels very strange and unfamiliar and I'm still coping with the fact I may like a Glock. I still want one of those new XD's in .40, though. I need a green gun because everyone is going green...

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Chris said...

Good call on skipping the G36.

Sorry to hear the relationship with the Bersa is on the rocks. Remember - there are plenty of fish in the sea!