Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ridiculous Potential

One of my biggest complaints in life is that I have a photo on one of my ID's that looks like a mugshot you would see on The Smoking Gun or something. Our friend Dave, on the other hand, has this totally other take on ID photos in the sense that if you take a photo for something, you shouldn't get all dressed up because the reality of it is when you ever need to show your ID, you probably aren't all gussied up, so he goes in looking normal day-to-day, even if that means needing to shave or something.

Well, tonight I had a realization that Dave is right. No, I didn't need to whip out my ID for anyone, but I was walking Lulu for her evening potty. I was not all dressed up, in fact, I really wasn't dressed so to speak. I was wearing a nightgown that is a slinky navy blue with sea foam green polka dots, my fluffy cloud white spa robe, and my black rain boots that are covered with hot pink roses with green leaves, white accents and glitter. I looked absolutely ridiculous. My toenails were painted black, my finger nails a raspberry pink that matched my LCP. My hair was straightened and with the exception of my absurd outfit, I looked rather decent. Better than my photographs would allow one to think, anyway.

I had a moment of relief while walking Lulu tonight. We have a light on our street that is an automatic light and comes on and goes off at random. Right as I got to the street it turns off, making the street slightly darker than usual. We were on our way to Lulu's potty corner when a 6'ish man with an athletic build, baseball cap and goatee came down the street. I kept a nice grasp on my raspberry LCP in my pocket just in case. Lulu is a nice deterrent. She addresses a potential problem by getting all antsy and growls, then barks. I acknowledge the situation and hold her back while keeping eye contact on the man, examining as many details of his appearance as possible, as he gets closer. We move into the street and the guy says "good evening." I address him with a greeting of sort, keeping my eyes on him as we pass till he is at least 50 yards away while glancing ahead to see if there is anyone else. Sorry, I don't trust people. I read news stories and know people work in teams so it's good to know what's going on in your 360ยบ radius. By the time we get to the potty corner we're in the clear.

Anyway, when I got back inside, I told Jesse of my walk and how I felt better with my little raspberry with me. I don't like to think of what things would be like if I were ever out walking alone and needed protection and had nothing. I'd rather come home from walks going back over my plans coming into the house thinking, "Man, I'm glad I didn't get attacked by this guy because if I did and I would have had to shoot him, I'd feel silly when the cops show up seeing as I'm dressed in my pajamas and rain boots and they'd take my pink gun for evidence." I would feel ridiculous. But at least I can think I'm glad that didn't happen and laugh at my funny outfit and how I would be embarrassed to be dressed the way I do at night when no one sees me walking Lulu than I would feel if I were unarmed and picked up by cops naked after being raped or something, or worse be dead and feel nothing. Who says carrying a gun has to be scary?

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