Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Awesome/Fail

There may be some hope for the Oldsmobile yet. At least long enough to provide a temporary solution till we can get something else situated. The problem at the time was a radiator leak. Nothing a little JB Weld couldn't fix yesterday. Strangely enough, I told people my husband fixed it when in actuality I did it and Jesse said it looked pretty good, so that works for me. Anyway, my car still over heats and part of that is the residual oil from a previous leak all over my engine. It needs to be cleaned off or something. We just haven't ever gone in and done that. In fact, it's been like that since we got it so it probably needs some major scraping or something. It's pretty gnarly. But enough about the Oldsmobile...

Today I went out shooting with some friends. The Oldsmobile managed to make it out to USA Parkway (4 miles before where we shot at Derby Dam) before the HOT light came on. A little water and cooling down later we got out there and all was good and right in the world. Anyway, there's a bunch of photos from our shooting adventures and I won't go into the fun we had there despite me forgetting my "game plan".

I managed to get this really gnarly sunburn. This is totally typical for me around this time of year, though. I get a few really hideous sunburns before my "summer coat" comes in. You know, when your skin kinda toughens up to the sun and you stop burning and just look leathery and gross like an armadillo? Anyway, soon that will happen and I won't have these weird burns. Despite my sunblock efforts, I think I need to stock up on a lot to put in my shooting bucket.

On the way home, I needed to add more water to the Oldsmobile and managed to get out to Mustang Market off exit 23 because the HOT light came on again. I checked the fluids and realized my radiator cap was gone. Apparently, I forgot to put it on when I filled up on my way out to go shooting. Oh, and now, after our day was done, the gas station was closed, so I no way of getting water! There wasn't a water machine by the air. The bathrooms were locked. I totally  busted a MacGuyver move and shoved a bottle into the windshield wiper water by the gas pumps. I did that a few times before I got the water added. Yeah, straight up ghetto, but it worked! I didn't have my radiator cap, still and at this point, I'm thinking I should probably keep a spare one in my car with how awful I am along with a battery and bottles of water! Ha! I laugh, but really, it's pretty pathetic that I can't remember to do something so simple. Anyway, I called Jesse and he drove 20 miles from work to bring me a $6 radiator cap. How many of YOUR husbands would do that? That's what I thought... I totally owe him. I thanked him by buying him a bottle of Coke and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups at the next open gas station. I drank half the Coke and Charlie had one of his peanut butter cups. Oh well. I did get him some Wendy's later on, though.

Charlie's guy-buddy Owen came over and we had a "pajama party". His mom saw Hot Tub Time Machine (I have to laugh! Just the concept sounds ridiculous and she said it was hilarious. Netflix! Cue that up!) So they had fun being guys and playing with cars and watching Yo Gabba Gabba and 16 and Pregnant with me. Good times. Owen enjoyed hanging out with Lulu too and he wants his own pug now.

Anyway, over all, it was an awesome day with some epic fails: sunburn, overheating, no water, and no radiator cap. Good times, good times. I know I'll sleep well tonight, if not for the fact I'm tired from running around all day, because I'm super exposed to sun and being in the sun makes me sleepy.

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