Saturday, April 10, 2010

Visions of XD .45 Tacticals Danced In My Head...

Last night I had a dream where I was shooting my husband's new XD .45 Tactical. It wasn't some crazy dream where I was shooting at something horrible or having squib loads, just a boring dream in which I was shooting and having a good time practicing and just enjoying shooting that gun. I've only shot it once since he got it about a month ago and I do like it quite a bit.

The rest of the night was just a montage of various schematic drawings of guns. I love love LOVE schematic illustrations. I love any directional how-to visuals, instructions, be it text or illustration, and I love to see things taken apart. I do not like to take things apart myself other than the bare minimum required for fear of losing something or not getting it back together again, but come on, aren't these neat? I like the ones Numrich has on their site for part listings. Just for fun, a Mauser 98. I could easily do without the watermark, but hey, they have such a huge selection of schematics, who's going to complain?

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