Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When Bad Dreams Happen to Good People

OK, I have some really odd dreams and last night was just further proof. I dreamed my friend Alissa had a stroke. Take in mind she's about 5 months older than me. Anyway, she had a stroke and was hospitalized and basically in a weird semi-coma (I guess it's like a semi-colin hahah). So she was laying in her hospital bed and not responsive except sometimes she would say stuff. But because she had a stroke and her brain was all screwed up, the stuff she would say would be really nasty hurtful mean stuff. Anyway, Katrina went to the hospital as soon as she found out and Alissa was telling her how typical it is that she'd come to check up on her and she was just being really mean. The funny dreamy part is that this is like nowhere near her real-life personality unless you are an uber jerk and do something to piss her off and then she'll politely rip into you. Her mom was pretty heartbroken too because she was just being really mean to her. Oh and somehow she was going to die soon because of it. They had to do a blood transfusion and that was going to take a while but no one knew how long. I wound up coming over to see her with Katrina and she was kinda out of it. The best I could compare her to was Linda Blair in the Exorcist. Sometimes completely out of it, others completely nasty. For some reason everyone was mad at her boyfriend too because they were all saying it was his fault and he wasn't coming to see her or anything because everyone was mad. I dunno. There was just too much going on in that dream and it was super odd. I woke up feeling completely gross and with a headache as if dealing with that dream was more of a chore than rest. You know, like when you go on vacation somewhere and stupid crap happens and you have to deal with it and you're happier to be home but feel more worn out than when you left to go on your vacation in the first place? Yeah, that's the feeling. Oh well, not much you can do about weird bad dreams.

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