Saturday, May 8, 2010

Neighborhood Kids At It Again

Charlie got his tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears 2 days ago and wouldn't you know it, I thought that would ruin his birthday. But just as things were going well and Charlie was super happy, he gets his birthday ruined by the little unsupervised neighbor kids. And they were trying to break into the car of one of our guests! Seriously!? We called RPD out and two cops showed up. Sure enough, the mom of the kids says, "It wasn't my kid, you can't prove anything." Lovely RPD, God bless their souls, says what the state statue is about anyone 8 years old or over can go to jail because if you're old enough to know better, then you shouldn't do something wrong. Anyway, they came back and followed up with us all that jazz and told us if anything happens to call them back. As they left, the kids were thinking they'd pull a fast one on us and try to tell the cops they didn't do anything and the cops, gotta love them, said, "If someone sees something happening and you're on the scene, you'll be questioned," that whole wrong place wrong time thing and maybe you should avoid being in wrong places to not be looked at as guilty, "You got away with it this time but next time you're going to jail." They pretty much scared the kids. The good thing is we can call RPD on them even if they're playing in our driveway because it's trespassing (what I've been saying all this time!) Anyway, long story short, these kids are under strict surveillance. RPD is on to them. They better shape up and those parents better start doing their job and watching their kids or their kids are gonna wind up in the slammer like MC Hammer. Our neighbor across from us gave them a talking to about when they go in the trash and he told them he put cat poop in there. They stopped going into our trash but his car window got busted about 2 weeks ago. He didn't put two and two together but he has his suspicions now. Great.

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