Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Safety Instructor

Two days ago, the kids next door were hopping fences into the deck of the people who live below us. RPD came out and the kids said they had a toy go back there. Yet the didn't go to get a toy, they were clearly playing in there doing who knows what. RPD came and talked to me and I felt like I got the 5:00 treatment of the day was almost over and instead of doing their jobs, they just let the parents know the neighbors were complaining about their kids and told me that if I have a problem with them hopping the fence that I should tell my landlord to make the fence taller. Sorry, the fence IS tall already. At least tall enough to where someone can tell that it is meant to keep outsiders out. All of this was a week after the cops came out to yell at the kids for trying to break into my friend's car.

The very next day after their second incident with the cops, the kids go back to hopping the fence. I get angry but just stew. Today, I come home and they're doing it again. Finally I go down there and confront them all and ask what they're doing. They tell me they're looking at the plant inside the apartment. Really? Then why are you trying to hop their fence? I tell them that people in our building have seen them running in the area behind the decks that is fenced off and hopping into people's back yards and that if they lose a toy they should knock on the person's door and ask them to get it for them, NOT to break into their back yard. Then I scare them straight...

I tell them I work as a safety instructor who teaches people about personal safety. I tell them how dangerous it is in this neighborhood to be out at their ages (I ask them their ages and they're all 10 years old and younger, mostly between 8 and 10.) I ask repetitively why they are not being watched by their parents and ask if their parents know where they are or what they are doing. I tell them if they play in our driveway, they will get hit by a car if someone drives out and they will get seriously injured or die. I tell them if they play in the street they can get hit by a car and get seriously injured or die. I tell them if they are playing out on the street unsupervised that we live in a dangerous neighborhood and bad people live here and bad people drive around looking for unsupervised kids to kidnap and they will torture and kill them and their parents and the cops and no one can do anything to help them if they get kidnapped. I tell them if they get hurt on our property our property manager will tell their landlord and their landlord will kick them and their family out of their apartment and they will be homeless because no one will let them live in any apartments or houses if they get kicked out and their parents will need to pay a lot of money to the landlords. I kinda blew things out of proportion while making it sound like I was super concerned about their safety. They told me about how the cops told them to not play on our property anymore and I asked them why they are here then. They didn't have an answer. At that point, their mom came out looking for them and I told them to not play in our complex again because everyone who lives here is complaining to our landlord about them and that if our landlord hears about them again she will tell their landlord and they will be homeless.

Mean and far stretch from the truth? Possibly. Necessary to scare them straight? Definitely. I just like the fact I came out there wearing my Nevada state flag shirt and my loud cloppity clop boots when I busted them in the act. I told them if I wanted I could call RPD right that moment and have them arrested. Seeing them shaking in their skin was kinda priceless. I hope they stop playing here and don't come back. And I hope their parents take a more active role in watching their kids.

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