Sunday, May 9, 2010

Your Kids Are Only As Good As Your Parenting

Apparently, the little chat RPD had with the parents of the kid's next door did nothing yesterday. Shortly after RPD left, there was a loud noise and we looked outside and saw nothing. This morning, I took out the trash and saw the kids' basketball hoop stand thing in our dumpster. So someone on that property came onto our property after being told the laws and being told NOT to trespass and threw their stuff in our dumpster (trespassing, illegal dumping). I shook my head in disappointment and walked up the driveway with Lulu to take her potty as the second part of the trip downstairs.

As we were going off, the kids were outside already and saying stuff. I didn't listen to what they said, just an in one ear out the other thing and walked down the street. I turned the corner with Lulu and on my way back home, I saw what looked like their parent's Jeep coming down the street. I did a double take to see if it had the dent on it like their parent's does but it was too hard to see as the car passed. I put two and two together as I did not see their parent's car on the street when I got back and once I got upstairs I saw their parent's driving back to their spot to park. I feel like this family is harassing us because we want them to watch their kids. Sorry, but your 9 year old tried to break into my friend's SUV with a tire iron yesterday. That goes beyond the realms of "kids will be kids". That goes into CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

My neighbor next door had the back window of his Jeep busted out two weeks ago. Apparently he told the kids to stop going into our dumpsters and told them he puts cat poop in there. He didn't see who did it but now suspects it was them as he saw the kids with the tire iron in the street. Seriously, those parents need to stop saying stuff like, "It wasn't my kid," and just grow a pair and realize it's kids they're dealing with and if their kids don't respect them, they won't respect anyone or the law and they'll just be breeding future criminals. Who knows what these kids have done that hasn't been seen? Are they the ones tagging up our street now? Did they put a nail in my tire when it went flat? Did they bust our neighbor's window? Who knows? There's no proof, but there sure is a lot of suspicion.

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