Friday, June 11, 2010

Cleaning Guns

Today I was looking at my .357 and noticed I missed a spot while cleaning it, so I did a quick touch up. To be safe, I double checked some of the other guns I last cleaned and they were all fine. Of course by this point, I have a pile of guns out on the table so just for fun, I bring all of our pistols out. I play around by organizing them in different manners: by finish, by materials, by safeties, by decockers, you get the point. I realized we have a really nice assortment of handguns and started to wonder about what made us get each one. Obviously many of them were of similar calibers but they had features that made them different and worth a purchase. So I decided to record a video about things to take into consideration while gun shopping. The reality of it was I wanted to have a brief 2 - 5 minute video for youtube and what I wound up with was a nerdy 20 minute analytical discussion video breaking down points of revolvers (do you go single/double, size of gun) to semi-auto (do you want a safety, decocker, size, caliber, etc.) and even broke down different types of finishes and compositions (stainless, blued, parkarized, polymer). And it would have gone on longer had the memory card on my camera not run out of space. Yes, very nerdy gun stuff. I started to post it on youtube upon which I realized it is way too extensive to lump into one mash so I need to go back and do this again and in the words of DJ Lance Rock, break it down! I know I promised I would do it, but it is just too long so in time grasshoppers. Till then, give me some time to break it down into the appropriate segments so it's not some huge mess of over information. It really is a lot of important stuff but some more important than others. My key point throughout is that you are going to be spending a few hundred dollars and for those of you who can't just fork it out quickly or easily, you better think long and hard what you want because it's a lot easier to buy a gun than it is to sell one.

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