Wednesday, June 23, 2010

History, Fish, and Eternal Love

Jesse and I went to Galena Creek Park on Monday and fished at Marilyn's Pond with Charlie. It was a cute little place nestled right on the south side of town. Anyway, upon further research of this place, we realized that you can actually rent out various places for events. Then spews an idea bubble: Our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal!!! Somewhere around the course of our lovely day outdoors and enjoying nature and a few months of earlier talking about having some sort of get together since we never had a wedding ceremony with friends and family, we decided that this will probably wind up being the location of the reception. We're going to go with the historic landmark Fish Hatchery which pretty much is a quaint restored historical building (we both love history!) and it is not the usual run of the mill banquet hall, casino, backyard, etc. It stands out as different and has facilities from a kitchen and bathroom to large dining area capable of holding a reception for up to 130 guests. We talked about it briefly today and discussed the idea of liking it. Plus, it's pretty cheap. On that note, potential color schemes for the lovely Saturday event in 2012 will probably be a forest green and reddish orange or charcoal greyish silver and reddish orange. Obviously I won't be wearing a white dress. However it will be a black tie affair in the woods. Plus, why not have it at a fish hatchery? Fish are notorious for their symbolism in various cultures, religions, dreams and what have you from good luck, eternity, life, happiness, knowledge, transformation, and so on. It just makes sense.

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