Saturday, June 12, 2010


There are so many amazing skills in the world that people don't really know or get and map reading is one of them. I realize that GPS is awesome but realistically, maps are cooler. Like way cooler. I'm going to make a gun comparison here for a minute but maps are like iron sights. They're old skool, original gangstas, and you know that they will never run out of batteries. GPS devices are super cool, make you more accurate, but are like cheating. Anyway, today was a bit of an interesting day.

After Charlie woke up from his post-lunch nap, I took him on a walk to go geo caching. There's a few caches in my area that I have yet to discover. I found the location of one but the next two were full of muggles and nearly impossible to search around. Dang muggles. I also remembered the joy of walking places. My ankle still hurts a little, more so after I twisted it hopping the baby gate this evening, but I find I actually sort of miss walking around places. I need to get more used to this new neighborhood. I would really like to invest in maybe a second hand jogging type stroller. Maybe. In reality the only reason I ever use strollers is to haul crap around because I don't have enough arms or room in a back pack.

Back to geo caching, though. Charlie and I found a really cool cache by one of my absolute favorite places, which I will not say where. But inside the cache was a cheesy plastic skull ring. Finding this made it more fun because I felt like I stumbled upon someone's buried treasure. Neat-o! I traded a Reno casino chip I found at one of the caches Kristy and I went to earlier in the week.

On our way to the next cache, as I said earlier, there were too many people around hanging out (muggles. Can I say how much I appreciate a hobby that uses Harry Potter slang for people who are not in the know?!?!) After two more muggle infested cache sites, I wound up taking Charlie to the park to play.

He wasn't really into the park all that much today for some reason. He was more into digging in the sand and throwing it than he was on going on the slides or playground equipment. I don't know if it had anything to do with the fact there were so many people out or what, but whatever. Tomorrow I might want to take him fishing or something because there were so many people out fishing. It could be fun for like 5 minutes.

Anyway, today was a fun day. Oh and I forgot to mention the fact it started out with watching The Car. I was expecting a Christine type movie to suck, but it was actually pretty entertaining and inspired me to never go to Utah because I will get run down by a psychotic ghost car. I'm just sayin'... Thank God the guys at Star Targets have invented an exploding target should I ever encounter a psycho car out in Utah, I'll just ring them up and they can help me destroy the car in a canyon. Oh, did I just spoil the movie for you? Because that's how they killed the car. Can you really kill a car? Sure, I killed mine. Ha ha bad car joke. Ba-da tsss!

Oh, when I got home, I got a sneak peak at what our hospital bill for Charlie's surgery may be... close to $20,000. Last thing I want to see. We haven't met our $500 deductible yet. I think if we get them another $250 I can maybe talk our insurance company into billing us 20%. Less than $20,000 but still way more than we can afford. I seriously do not want to file bankruptcy if we can at all avoid it. So we'll see what we can do with this doozie.

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