Thursday, June 10, 2010

Never Make This Mistake People!!!

Today I got an email which sounded kinda like spam at first, but then I realized it wasn't. I will share:

Good morning beautiful Jena,

I'm glad you liked my reference to "blood boiling," I have little doubt that your dancing would be a beautiful sight to see. I still can't believe that you're not really in your thirties and are just putting me on.

I was also touched by the story about your house being in a book and how it affected you, It shows that you are a woman that understands hard work and can appreciate the resulting rewards of following your passions. Tell me more, I would love to know as much about you as you want to reveal. I'm not sure if I understand the difference between architectural designer and a regular architect or designer. It's one of the advantages of writing to each other before meeting, no fear of embarrassing questions or answers.

Now that I have two email addresses for you, is there one that you prefer?

I hope you have a wonderful and hope to hear from you soon,


So this is where it becomes interesting. "Fred" is someone I emailed a few months back regarding a job listing he had posted. We spoke on the phone but nothing ever came of it because in my mind, he wanted to have someone do work for him and he didn't want to pay them what they were worth so our conversation ended at our first phone call.

Well a little bit about "Fred" that I do know is he is old. He's technically old enough to retire but had some sort of lawsuit he was paying off or finished paying off from an accident that happened on his old career and was looking into starting a new business venture and needed a graphic designer. There's where I applied and he got my email address added into his book automatically. So in a senior moment, he emails Jena, but with my email address because he sees the "Jen" part but must not remember that I was the graphic designer and not an architectural designer!!!! Hahahaha!!!

I was thinking long and hard about this one. Do I respond? Do I ignore it? I read it again and it sounds like they're gonna hook up. Or could. Or worse, I could get some creepy email photos of an old man naked!!!! NOT COOL!!! So, I decided to write back a small paragraph to him to let him know that he has the wrong person because really, it could get awkward if he thinks I'm Jena.

This is not Jena and this email address does not belong to her. Please make a note of that so you do not accidentally email any future correspondences for her to me. In fact, you can delete my email address from your address book. The only reason it's in there is because I contacted you about a year ago regarding a job you has posted on Craigslist. At first I thought this was a spam, but realize it's supposed to go to someone specific and that you might keep accidentally emailing me thinking I'm Jena and she may never get any of your emails, so please make sure you find out what her correct address is. Glad to inform you of this error before it could become embarrassing or awkward for you.


That wasn't too bad was it? Now the beautiful Jena will get her emails.

Strangely enough, he just wrote back as I write this apologizing for the error. I chuckle slightly. I guess it's nice to have odd things like this to amuse me sometimes. Some days, I just feel like such a creep...

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lilteton said...

Haha. I love it.