Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Nice Walk (Bye Bye Trash)

Charlie is at that age where communication both on his end and from my end is starting to be a little more clear so life is getting less frustrating. This morning we were going to take Lulu for a walk to go potty. For the longest time when we go on walks, it's Charlie holding my left hand and Lulu's leash in my right hand. Not today. Today was something like this:

Me: Wanna take Lulu for a walk to go potty?
Charlie: Yeah!
Me: OK, go get your shoes.

Charlie runs into his bedroom and comes back with a pair of flip flops.

Charlie: SHOES!

Charlie sits down and I put his shoes on.

We go out with Lulu down the stairs.

Charlie: Up please?

I pick Charlie up and walk down the stairs. We then go on walk down the street and Charlie stays at my side without holding my hand just running between me, Lulu, Lulu's leash blocking him from the street and the shrubs blocking him from neighbor's apartments. He stays in his "box of safety" the whole time and behaves rather well. I ask him if he wants to see trash cans and keys in mailboxes to lure him to the right path and to keep him on his mission and not to stray his attention away from the fact he is doing a nice safe job walking on the sidewalk. He points at trucks and exclaims he sees a truck. He asks if we can see the pool so I let him walk to the pool. Then I tell him we're going to see Owie (Not really, I lied) to get him back to walking without crying as we leave the pool. As we get to Owie's side there's a trash can and I ask him if he wants to see the trash and he forgets about the fact we're not actually going to see Owie but that it was nothing more than a distraction from the pool. Finally, I show him the trash can by our apartment.

Me: Let's go see mommy's trash can!

Charlie: YEAH!

We cross the street together and he goes to the trash. After he points out the obvious (I see trash! Trash, yeah, trash!) I tell him it's time to go to the stairs and to say bye bye to the trash can.

Charlie walks back up the driveway with me and Lulu and turns around and stops. He looks at the trashcan and just as I fear I will need to run after him and drag him upstairs, he raises his hand and waves saying, "Bye bye trash!" and returns to walking up the driveway, occasionally turning back to wave and say bye bye to the trash can. He then went up the stairs with Lulu and me and I opened the door and we all went inside thus ending a nice walk.

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