Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oldsmobile, You're The Biggest Problem In The World...

I bought my Oldsmobile November 8, 2008. This was after I had spent 18 months without a car in Reno, 9 months of which I was pregnant, 6 of which I was with a newborn child, and 1 where I was in good health and had no reason to have any issues walking anywhere I had to go. One month after having the Oldsmobile, we drove him to LA for the holidays and he had a minor setback with a water pump that left us 120 miles from home at an odd hour of night with a snowstorm on the way. When we got back, he ran like a doll for about 11 months till his heater core crapped out and Jesse bought a new one to put in place and do a quick home fix for the $40 or whatever it cost for the heater core.

He bought the part, rummaged through my car and came back telling me he couldn't do it because he didn't have access to it. Really? You mean to tell me you didn't look into your abilities to do this before you ordered the part and started to unhook things? I now use the heater core as a metaphor whenever Jesse takes on a project being a little too overly ambitious and realizes post starting a project he can't do it because he just doesn't have the abilities to do so.

Well, I'll put a little gap in here back in time. I love my Oldsmobile, Oldsie as I sometimes call him for short. He never did get a real name, but Oldsie is just fine for him, thank you. I have a little song I sing when I drive around in him, "Ollllllllddddsss-mo-biiiiiilllleeee, you're the greatest car iiiiiiiiiiiinnnn theeeeee wooooorrrlllllllddddd... Olllllllddddssssss-mo-biiiiiiiilllllllleeee, nothing like an Ollllllllldddddsssss-mo-biiiiiiilllleeee..." or something like that. It changes sometimes. I painted him to look pretty. I mean, his paint is pretty crappy looking, but not all craptastic as it looked when I got him with rust spots and molding falling off or missing. I bondo'd that crap and now he looks even... and he doesn't have a cracked and peeling crusty vinyl top anymore either. He's two-toned and awesome.

So why does he break my heart? That's simple. Between today and last week, I dropped $350 on fixing him. $350 I can't afford to spend but spent because I need to in hopes that will help him run and function like a good little 30-something year old car. He no longer leaks coolant, but now arises a new problem. Because he has had such issues with coolant leaks, there is now a strong possibility he may have internal engine problems. Nothing huge like a rod or something, but very possibly something that could be another expensive problem, or worse, something that would result in the need for a new engine or a new car. I just feel like my heart is sinking. I can't afford to drop any more money on this car. If he has major problems, I know people certainly won't want to spend money to buy this car and I sure the hell don't have any money to buy a new car. I am just at a loss with this car right now. I'm hoping whatever is going on is just residual crap burning off, but I fear the worst because my instincts, for someone who doesn't know crap about cars, usually tend to be right on the money when it comes to things going wrong with the Oldsmobile. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that he can be a good li'l tank of a car and behave.

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